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All_Countries_Front_small All_Countries_Angle_small All_Countries_Side_smallThe average American, Japanese, Dutch and French male (l-r, top two pix) – drawing on official data from CDC (US), e-stat (Japan), RIVM (Netherlands) and ENNS (France) and Illustrated by The Feed’s Nickolay Lamm.

USA: 29 BMI, 176.4 cm height, 99.4 cm waist
Japan: 23.7 BMI, 171.4 cm height, 82.9 cm waist
Netherlands: 25.2 BMI, 183.3 cm height , 91 cm waist
France: 25.55 BMI, 174.4 cm height, 92.3 cm waist

Much as you’d expect, really.

Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 10.30.42 AM(Pic: WHO 2008 data)