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THE MORIARTY tribunal has awarded costs to the estate of the late Charles Haughey. The size of the costs sought is expected to be in the region of €4-€5 million, according to informed sources.

The former taoiseach, who died in June 2006, was the subject of the first of the tribunal’s two reports, published in December 2006. The tribunal investigated payments to Mr Haughey during his years as taoiseach and whether he had sought to do favours for those who made payments to him.

It found that he took payments of €11.56 million between 1979 and 1996, and granted favours in return. It said the scale and secretive nature of the payments “can only be said to have devalued the quality of a modern democracy”.

Hurray! Justice is serv…oh wait now.

State to pay Haughey tribunal legal bill which may hit €5m (Colm Keena, Irish Times)

(Eamonn Farrell/Photocall Ireland)