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You couldn’t make it up. And yet that’s exactly what he did.

Callelly Claimed Expenses on Forged Invoices (Irish Mail On Sunday)

Callelly Faces Calls To Quit (The Irish Times)

Hang on. Fake Nokia invoices? Swap two letters and it’s Konia. Which sounds like con ya. Which is, admittedly, a bit tenuous.

(Photo by Photocall Ireland)

Ten Things You Will Overhear At The Leonard Cohen Concert

10. “We’re going both nights.”
9.  “Now, that‘s music.”
8. “Lenny thought Jeff’s version was better which is just so Lenny.
7. “These are great seats: I can see John Kelly crying.”
6. “Sssssh”
5. “It’s not a song. It’s a prayer.”
4. ” It’s about Joni Mitchell, she once…(rambling anecdote about The Chelsea Hotel, fellatio and an elevator).”
3. “You gotta hear that on vinyl.”
2. “And they say he’s depressing?!?
1. “Not as good as Kilmainham.”

Lenny at Lissadell

‘It was surprising to see him appear onstage like a grimy Cinderella in a purple stage suit: a spangled bolero jacket, sausage pants with contrasting lacing up the crotch, a green top with a scoop neck that produced what can only be called cleavage. God, you thought, where did he get this thing? Who drugged him, knocked him out, dragged him into a costume store and put this on him and said, well here you are, you look great, Van , you just look terrific.”

Listening to Van, Griel Marcus (2010)