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‘It wasn’t having oral sex with an employee in front of a female journalist that now threatens to undo Dov Charney, founder of American Apparel. Nor was it simulating oral sex with another female member of staff whom he had ordered to pretend to masturbate in front of him. The 41-year-old’s professional and personal reputation isn’t even on the line because at least three female employees have filed sexual harassment lawsuits against him (all the cases were settled before reaching trial); nor because he walks through his factory in his underpants and conducts meetings wearing just a thong – or a sock. The sock is not, one should add, worn on his foot.’

[End Par]

Bit long but blimey, eh?

The Rise And Fall Of American Apparel (Amelia Hill, The Guardian)

His daughter, her children and some of their friends, took him back to the death camps. Here’s what they did when they got there. Have a great weekend. Back on Monday 9am.



And then a hero comes along/with the strength to carry on,
and you cast your fears aside/and you know you can surv-i-i-i-ve,



It’s like an Irish version of ‘The Ring’.

Watch this video and after 1:37, your brain will have melted and dribbled out your ears.

Kerry vs Dublin, 1975.

Hair unkempt, shorts tight, “metrosexual” a dim’n’distant prospect.

Kerry’s Mickey Ned O’Sullivan takes three blows before coming out the wrong side of a three-man sandwich and wakes up in hospital.

(Bonus Kerry/Dublin fight in the comments section)

We are hearing of a Barbra Streisand’s-Dublin-Concert/Mudbath-style nightmare for Len-oids leaving the Sligo site last night (Saturday). Even the Buddhists wanted blood, Chompsky gathers.

Well it’s all kicking off on Liveline.