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A typically excellent Disney/Pixar short by Kristen Lester (inspired by the director’s own experience as the only woman in her workplace).

The tale of a bright pink ball of wool making her way in all-male startup, B.R.O. Capital.


Ever feel trapped in your job? If so, prepare to connect with the protagonist of Anete Melece’s graduation short. To wit:

For years now, the kiosk has been Olga‘s little home simply because her sweet tooth and monotonous life has made her bigger than the exit. To distract herself, she reads travel magazines and dreams of being far away. An absurd incident starts the beginning of her journey.


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From top: Dubai and Dublin

Anon writes:

August 2007: Started as engineer with current employer (various role changes and small promotions followed over the years).

April 2016: Decided I would leave to pursue a different (dream) career by doing a two-year full-time course that begins in Dublin in September. Would remain in job until then.

May 2016: Applied, interviewed, and got accepted for above course.

9am, end June 2016: At work, was asked to apply for a lucrative role, large promotion in Middle East as I had the most suitable knowledge base in the company.

9:02am, end June 2016: Head in spin.

Mid-July 2016: Decided to go for promotion and put off the dream job prospect.

Every day since: Changed mind.

Mid-July 2016: Interviewed for promotion

Last 24 hours: Decided finally on the course in Dublin.

9am, this morning: Informed boss.

9:30am: Received meeting invite from HR in Middle East to congratulate me on being the successful candidate and would like to discuss packages, etc.

9:33am to present: Head in spin again.

I’ve stuck with my decision and have since informed the hiring manager in the Middle East and HR manager here. I’m 32 next month, no kids and no mortgage. I’m leaving a well-paid role in an industry I really don’t care about to probably make a net personal loss over the next five years, in pursuit of my dream career – moving from engineering to creative – moving to Dublin, rather than Dubai, from somewhere else in Ireland.

Am I crazy?

Can your balanced and considered readers please inform me if I am crazy? Any advice or experiences to share now that I’ve made the decision?