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medicalcardHow difficult is it to obtain a medical card?

According to a report in today’s Trinity News a woman suffering from Motor Neurone Disease has been asked to send the HSE a letter requesting the return of documents from the HSE, so she can submit the same documents back to to the HSE, otherwise she loses her medical card.


The woman was granted a temporary medical card in May on foot of an application by her GP seeking immediate access to services and equipment.

She submitted the relevant information detailing her personal finances in July and received a letter from the HSE a month later requesting the submission of the same financial information, and the same form filled out again.

“Unfortunately if you don’t fill it out again, your card will be suspended, so that is your own decision,” she was told helpfully.


HSE tells woman with incurable neurological condition that losing her medical card would be her decision (Tommy Gavin, Trinity News)