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Grand spirals like The Whirlpool and the Thousand Ruby Galaxy tend to get all the limelight, but little ‘uns form stars too, like NGC 6822, aka Barnard’s galaxy. To wit:

Beyond the rich starfields in the constellation Sagittarius, NGC 6822 is a mere 1.5 million light-years away, a member of our Local Group of galaxies. A dwarf irregular galaxy similar to the Small Magellanic Cloud, NGC 6822 is about 7,000 light-years across. Brighter foreground stars in our Milky Way have a spiky appearance. Behind them, Barnard’s Galaxy is seen to be filled with young blue stars and mottled with the telltale pinkish hydrogen glow of star forming regions in this deep color composite image.

(Image: Data – Martin Pugh, Processing – Mark Hanson)