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Back in the late 60s, a company named Winston Products for Education was creating ‘Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Identification Kits’ for schools, scouting organizations and law enforcement agencies.

The Dangerous Drugs—Identification Kit contains harmless facsimiles of the more commonly abused dangerous drugs. The Kit was designed to be used primarily as an instructional aid in educational and training programs directed toward combating the existing narcotics and dangerous drugs problem. It consists of a plastic container which is transparent and durable. Plainly visible within the container are facsimiles of amphetamines and barbiturates, reproduced with exacting fidelity in terms of color, size, shape, and other distinguishing characteristics.

And here’s the capper.

According to Rusty Blazenhoff at The Laughing Squid, who owns this kit, it’s likely that Winston Products For Education was owned by RJ Reynolds, maker of Winston cigarettes.

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