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Good. Then we’ll begin.

David McSavage was a guest on Vincent Browne’s Friday Late on TV3 last night, sharing an uneasy sofa with newly-elected senators, John Crown (Ind), Kathryn Reilly (SF), Catherine Noone (FG) and Susan O’Keefe (Labour).

It was a bitter, teacher-baiting, bile-ridden, panel-teasing bravura performance from the newly blonde comic. Chompsky was spotted visibly shaking with laughter.

The Irish Twittersphere, however…

Harsh? Fair?

You decide.

Today’s Independent front page.

We don’t know much about art, but we are strangely drawn.

Tracey Emin told the BBC the bride and groom “looked really naive and natural, like a child’s fantasy of a bride and groom”.

Sadly, the so-called editors at the Independent rejected Nat’s front page sketch of the couple on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The Royal Wedding’ (©2011) Nat King Coleslaw