“The Dysfunction, Disconnection, Elitism — And The Narcissism* — That Dominate The Culture Of The Vatican To This Day.”


“Wednesday marked the first time that Ireland’s Parliament has lambasted the Vatican, rather than local church leaders, over the past 17 years of pedophile-priest scandals in Ireland. Those revelations have eroded Catholic authority in a nation where the church still owns most schools and several hospitals, and state-run broadcasters still toll a twice-daily call to Catholic prayer.”

* Narcissism, In speech but not used by Kenny.

26 thoughts on ““The Dysfunction, Disconnection, Elitism — And The Narcissism* — That Dominate The Culture Of The Vatican To This Day.”

    1. halcyon days

      Why are Irish ‘stylists’ and other fashion people championed by the likes of the (S)Indo always without any sense of class or style?

  1. paddy de plastered

    On an aside, the Angelus must go. It’s just another symbol of state subservience and I don’t like hearing my news one minute later than everyone else on Greenwich mean time.

    1. Jovan

      I was thinking about that earlier. I concluded that you would have to replace it with something good to quell the inevitable Joe Duffy backlash.

      So what better thing to replace it then a minute of Johnny Public talking about whatever they want. If you want to get something off your mind, you apply for your one minute slot, go into RTE record your piece and BANG! – angelus replaced by insane ramblings of crazy Irish people. I would watch that shit religiously…

      It could be anything – how you were in tesco and got hit in the head with an empty bucket that a member of staff was tossing to another member of staff, or it could be a funny story that happened you. Literally anything (watershed friendly). A great way for the public to be heard in a democracy. We pay for that shit anyway, why not get a couple of minutes a day to talk bollox…like the rest of the twats on RTE who get paid to talk bollox.

      I’m half joking but 100% serious.

      1. Dave, Dublin

        As brilliant as that idea is, I hate that I’m in the Joe Duffy backlash of people who like having the news at 6.01.

        1. Jovan

          Dave, me film ruining friend, the news would still be at 6.01. From 6.00 – 6.01 would be the minute of rambles. Then news.

          The Joe Duffy backlash would be from all the old religious fuckers who curse that the angelus is gone.

          First edition of the Minute of Rambles could even be someone giving out for a full minute about the Angelus being gone!

          1. Dave, Dublin

            As long as the 6.1 news is safe, you can have a solid minute of bestiality porn for all I care.

          2. Jovan

            Must be watershed friendly. I know they’d love a minute of bestiality porn down Limerick way, but the rest of us have to hold ourselves – and our beloved pets – to higher standards.

      1. Dave, Dublin

        Prada refuse to confirm or deny; the Vatican says they’re made by a local cobbler. The Wall Street Journal has a story about him wearing Geox a few years ago.

  2. Dave, Dublin

    Wait, the Angelus is a call to Catholic prayer?

    I just thought it was a time to stop what you’re doing for a minute and look up and slightly to the left.

      1. deejay

        I thought it was the “people who farted trying to figure out if anyone heard/smelt them while maintaining a bland face” minute.

        Alternatively known as the “check out what was on SkyNews and then flick back” 60 seconds.

  3. Sido

    Does anyone know the legal position on this? Does this direct instruction to ignore abusers have any position in Tort Law?

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