54 thoughts on “Dundrum Shopping Centre Flooded

  1. Jerry Larkin

    No floods in Cork… This is obviously retribution for rubbing in the shitiness of the weather in Cork when it was all sunny in Dublin before.

    1. Tara

      “oh mother of jesus christ”

      I cycled through the barn earlier on my way home, the floods were right across the road by 4pm!

  2. Mary usher

    for Christ sake get a grip you friggin morons, friggin insurance costs and job losses. Hilarious alright. M

      1. Ah Come On!

        Yea a few friends have had their houses gutted. A young family with three kids had to evacuate their house last night in my area. A lot of people are going to be out of a job in the run up to Christmas.

        Hilarious alright.

    1. Ah Come On!

      What about all the people who’ll be out of work before Christmas? I don’t think they’re glad.

  3. meghandoorley

    Hate the idea of the shopping centre being flooded and that we cant go to work and most of our christmas shop is gone. the fun weather. Hope everyone who works in Marks and Spencers are all right and that they are safe as well.

  4. Downward Facing God

    Dundrum Shopping Centre and its big box brothers destroy jobs in Ireland. They are economically and socially destructive. They provide no public space. Hoo-ray for Irish weather!!

    H2O – Occupy Dundrum!

    1. Brendan

      ugh! Go back to preaching pseudo-marxist bleatings about corrupt corporations on your farmer’s market soapbox, you tiresome person.

      1. Downward Facing God

        I would describe my espoused position as more traditional isolationist, and deeply conservative. But if it helps to label it pseudo-marxist (I’m not sure if this is better or worse then marxist), then go right ahead. I can’t disagree with bleating. I am quite the old goat.

        In short, please continue with your faux-peronist neighing you delightful crazy diamond.

      2. Jockstrap

        Brendan. Not everyone is a developer (or related to one) with no regard for the consequences of their exploits.

        There’s more to life than parking your Range Rover Sport in a handicapped spot.

  5. dylad

    the tragedy of it all. and the inadequate pink brolly too. So i’m guessing ‘flooding’ will be Not Hot in the coming Irish times weekend supplement

  6. Sabrina

    Horrified by some of these comments. Do you people realize what this will do to an already crippled economy and hundreds of families? as if you are not deep enought into s**t to wish even further disasters !
    An Italian who lived and loved Ireland!

    1. paul m

      well sabrina you’d better not delve any further into the pages of broadsheet if your delicate sensibilities are affected by the commentary here.

      the shops will get fixed, insurance will pay for it, more people will get jobs out of this and everything will be rosey for christmas.

      you have to have a somewhat darker sense of humour than most of our european cousins (except the finns) are used to to live in a country that is so far up to its neck in s**t and whether its political or meteorological disasters that just keep coming down the road you suck it up and make a smart arse remark about it. Lightens the load, eases the burden and all that. We all bunga bunga’d.

      An Irishman who wades through and still loves the auld sod(den) Ireland

      1. CJR

        There is a difference between a smart arse comment and a cnuthead one like some of the above have been. Such as “love it”, “I’m glad it’s flooded” and “hope it burns down to the ground”. Smart arse generally implies witty – most of the comments are just malicious.

  7. Jockstrap

    Great example of bad development. No excuse for that place being flooding like that. I’ll bet someone warned about it during planning and they were told to go and ‘commit suicide’ for being professional and boooooring.

    1. Chucky R. Law

      Ah, sure these things can never be predicted. Just because the bowling alley and shops that were there before had flooding issues couldn’t possibly be related to this.

      1. Jockstrap

        It will most likely happen at least every ten years. Environmental issues such as flooding and drainage are an integral part of the planning and design process. Dundrum has a history of flooding.

        That was clearly brushed over.

        1. Nigel

          In fairness, that’s separate from the plight of the people directly affected. Issues of proper planning have been raised again and again and come up with horrible regularity every winter. There are people who should be crucified over this issue. The people who got flooded out are usually not them.

  8. MOSA

    —–stop yer Joe Duffy whining!!!!!

    The poor Turkish;Afgan; Iraqi; Palestinian people would swap this ‘night in jacuzzi land’ for —a day’s respite from their plight!..

    1. Ah Come On!

      Many people in those countries are in the same situation as some here following the floods – their homes destroyed, everything they own lost, nowhere to go.

  9. Frilly Keane

    I agree its not funny for people to have their working hours/ wage limited, but if it gets the consumer back on the street supporting same mom n pop outlets then yey for the floods.

    Sick of seeing multiples and franchises everywhere, and as for these multi level monstrosities ….. the community is better served with thriving villages

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