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On Sunday.

In Dundrum, County Dublin.

Gardai are reportedly investigating the incident.

Gardai investigating after horrifying video emerges showing alleged islamophobic attack teenage girl in Dundrum (Dublin Live)

The filth and the fury: shocked shoppers react to the ‘nether garments of hate’ in Dundrum Town centre this afternoon


Corset is.

‘Dunnie Mummy’ writes:

Despite outrage over the past 24 hours, I see the ‘too sexy’ lingerie posters [advertising Agent Provocateur outside House of Fraser] are STILL UP terrifying adults and children alike…Won’t someone stop this FILTH now!


Meanwhile, last night…

More lingerie photos as we get it.


Dundrum Garda Station, Dublin

The Irish Times reports:

A sportsman has been questioned and released after being arrested in connection with an alleged sexual assault in Dublin last month.

He was arrested by appointment at Dundrum Garda station on Thursday night. Gardaí also took DNA samples from the man with his consent.

The alleged assault happened on the night of December 9th or early the next morning, when a complaint was made to gardaí. The woman has since made a formal statement to investigators, on foot of which the man was arrested.

Sportsman arrested over alleged sex assault in Dublin (Conor Gallagher, Ronan McGreevy, The Irish Times)

Pic: Mahoney Architecture

0107 Camp of tents beside Luas_905040480007 Camp of tents beside Luas_905040510067 Camp of tents beside Luas_90504049

0189 Camp of tents beside Luas_90504046

0162 Camp of tents beside Luas_90504040

This morning.

Near Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin 16

The first breakfast of March at a make shift camp of tents where a number of homeless people, including, pic 3, from left: Christian Clarke, Michael Somers, Josh Brophy , Wayne Peear and dog ‘Frank’, have been living for the last year and a half.

Yesterday: ’20 Empty Homes Per Each Homeless Family’

Meanwhile, Next Door