Mario Balotelli: What A Legend



Can you tell which of these is fake?

You’re never going to believe this but, Mario Balotelli doesn’t know how to dress himself so he pays someone to do it for him! – What a legend.

You’re never going to believe this but, Mario Balotelli walked into the local tesco and paid for some hummous whilst leaving 10 £50 notes under the cans of carnation condensed milk! – What a legend.


What Did Balotelli Do Today?

9 thoughts on “Mario Balotelli: What A Legend

  1. orieldude

    For those that missed one of the many:

    “MADCAP Mario Balotelli was sent by his mum to buy cleaning materials — and brought home a lorryload of boys’ toys instead.

    The Man City idol — famed for his wacky antics — was sent out by trusting Silvio in search of an iron and ironing board, plus other household items for the cleaner at his mansion.

    But after five hours the 21-year-old returned from John Lewis empty-handed.

    Moments later a store van arrived, bearing none of the items on Silvio’s list, but carrying a giant trampoline, Scalextric, two Vespa scooters and a table tennis set.

    Fuming Silvio, who was in the UK to keep an eye on her wayward soccer star son, was forced to read him the riot act.”

  2. Dean

    Balotelli despite his madness seems to have a good heart. There are always tails of him visiting hospitals, orphanages etc and not in a “phone the media to let them know when I’ll be there sort of way”. What a legend.

  3. Bomberman

    I think we’ve all seen Balotelli trying to put on the training vest so we’re all pretty confident that he doesn’t know how to dress himself. Although being that the guy is thick as pig s**t I wouldn’t put it past him if he done both.

  4. Fill3rup

    He dressed up as Santa before xmas and handed out cash to homeless people.. he was only recognised when a local reporter spotted him while walking home..

    Hes a feckin legend,fast becoming one of my favourite footballers (character wise)..

    1. simples


      There are some brilliant stories about him, both the charitable ones and the breaking into womens prison type ones! His autobiography will be the most interesting of any footballer. LEAVE MARIO ALONE!!

  5. HectorRamirez

    There was one yesterday, where he went to a petrol station for….. well… petrol, and told all other customers fill up, he was going to pay….

    I hope it’s true, I’m not a ‘City’ supporter but the Lad sounds like a likeable chap!

    1. please follow me @FrillyKeane thank you

      Any chance he’ll be by the Applegreen in Crumlin Village in the next day or so …..

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