Bearded Freaks Laughing From The Dole Queue


With weed in the news again, following the current hoo-hah about homegrown Irish skunk and the publication of a 20 year research project suggesting that occasional marijuana use may well improve lung function, Steve Elliot of Toke Of The Town reports on the strident anti-pothead musings of Dr Ruari Hanley (above) last week in the Irish Medical Times:

Regular readers of this column will be unsurprised to learn that I have never had any time for marijuana. Like anyone who attended an Irish university in the last 40 years, I was aware during my college years of the existence of a few long-term cannabis users. I freely admit I regarded these people as a bunch of brain-dead, attention-seeking idiots suffering from a chronic aversion to personal hygiene.

In fact, I cannot recall ever meeting a clean-shaven pothead. This is an approach to grooming they appear to share with trade union officials and borderline communist politicians.

To be fair, and with a few pathetic exceptions, I would say that medical students were among the least likely to regularly partake of illegal drugs while in third-level education.

For this reason, they were largely mocked by other, more ‘hip’ undergraduates as a bunch of boring nerds who were unwelcome in the various fashionable ‘societies’ where Celtic Tiger cubs went to play. No doubt the cool gang are still laughing from the higher moral ground of the dole queue today.

Irish Doctor Claims Smoking Marijuana Leads To Beards (The Weed Blog)

(Hat tip: Cathal O’Rourke)
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