Anything Good in Urban Outfitters?


It’s from their St Patrick’s Day collection.

We’ll take four.

Drunks Vomiting Shamrocks Feature In Top US Store Clothing Line (Cahir O’Doherty, Irish Central)

12 thoughts on “Anything Good in Urban Outfitters?

  1. Kenneth Purtell

    No neck means that’s not tummy puke that’s head puke that’s serious puke!

    I f**king always hated urban shitbaggers. Who buys that crap?

  2. Tommy

    When I lived in the states years ago, Urban Outfitters was filled with Irish themed thshirts and nothing to do with Pattys Day either.

  3. Charlatan Fan

    I think this is a fine tribute to Ireland’s multiethnic society – a black man, perchance a Nigerian even, on his knees while eating a pile of cabbage, our national dish.

    I’ll get me coat before the balloobas from arrive.

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