Meanwhile, At The Smithfield Horse Fair


Smithfield Horse Fair, Dublin, yesterday.

The awkward moment when a garda tries to check for an electronic tag on an impressively-endowed horse.

Pics by Mark Henderson.

134 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Smithfield Horse Fair

    1. Phil Hogans Relaxed Attitude To The Week Ahead

      I like how the horsey-owner guy – who looks like he’s having fun – just gives up after pic three.

  1. well

    oh wow that’s embarrassing, maybe you should blur their faces, i would not wish for my worst enemy to such a position

      1. Phil Hogans Relaxed Attitude To The Week Ahead

        Keep a close eye on the poo, it leaves an odd trail if you follow it.

        It’s not at first clear who laid that particular pie. But I have my suspicions.

    1. Uphill lonely

      Is that a horse in your pocket or is he just happy to see you?

      It’s to much, nothing to see here, ride on!!

  2. Punt Printer

    Poor Garda. when they are sitting down to a mug of tae and a ginger snap, the war stories will be shared. ” I pepper sprayed some crusties” “I batonned a crusty” ” I tazered a crusty” ……..”eh I got smacked around the head by a horsey penis”………………

      1. Punt Printer

        not sure how i missed that…..( well i am…it was the eh baseball bat thing slapping plod )

  3. Phil Hogans Relaxed Attitude To The Week Ahead

    Precisely where is the horses ‘tag’ located?

  4. ZipAhDeeDooDah

    The new extendable baton training was not quite what the Gardai had envisaged…

    1. squidward

      What would you expect him to wear, a low cut vest/leggings and converse combo topped off with a quiff?

      1. paul

        youre very bitter Mr.Tackle. this is just a bit of craic. as you said to me earlier (for no reason) ‘get a life’.

          1. rapmachine no diggidy no doubt

            mr tackle, like the rapmachine imposter above is trolling, best thing you can do to a troll is ignore it

  5. Tommy

    Karl Deeter believes that up to 1/4 of people in arrears on their mortgages are doing so deliberately to benefit from the repossession and debt forgiveness laws.

        1. Phil Hogans Relaxed Attitude To The Week Ahead

          Aye, he took the words straight out of one of my orifices.

          1. Nigel

            Well I hope he puts them right back where he found them. Very carefully. And washes his hands before preparing food.

  6. Darragh

    The fella in black isn’t actually a guard though, is he? It’s the fella in the first pic standing in the b/g

    1. Jafeica

      Nope, it is a guard not the guy in the first pic.. He’s in blue not black, you can see his extendable baton attached just above his trousers, you can also just make out some of the reflective jacket he’s wearing.

  7. robbgoblin

    Wow, the d*ck actually hit his head. I mean, it ACTUALLY touched his head. A horse’s d*ick touched the Garda’s head. Won’t live that down.

  8. cluster

    My first time agreeing with ‘A Brian Kennedy Rugby Tackle’. Unless he is being sarcastic…hmm…

    1. A Brian Kennedy Rugby Tackle

      Straight up on this one and all ones my friend. It saddens me, honestly and completely to see people take joy in this.

  9. Pauli

    The day turned out to be a bit of a mare for the poor unsuspecting officer who was left feeling a little hoarse.

  10. Fat Frog

    1.Beware of people offering pony rides in Smithfield.
    2. Is this where the expression “caught off your guard” comes from?

  11. Malvinas Falklands

    Normally a fella has to go round the corner to Benburb St and pay cash for this sort of thing

  12. walterigor

    the horse will be trained in templemore to be an upstanding (groan) member (i’ll stop now) of the force. Then sent over to rebecca brooks for some relief (sorry) from stress

  13. Michelle Bouvier

    Oh horse cocky, this is animal cruelty, the mare was in the barn waiting on her stallion, but idiots got in the way!

  14. Rich

    Well it proves my point. Never take a shower with a Stallion and never ever drop your bar of soap!!!!!

  15. Shawn

    I was going to say that the handler should have been beating that horse to make him stop….Then I thought about it….that wouldn’t sound right :/

  16. Rich

    In frame number five Stallion is whispering in his ear.

    Love you Schlong time! or
    Stay HORNY my friend HOS XX

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