Arthur’s Day


Miriam Cotton writes:

Today – World Autism Awareness Day – we’re celebrating the brilliant, challenging, amazing and truly special people who have autism (including my son, Arthur, above).

Contrary to recent, startling assertions autism is not a condition caused by bad parenting, it is a neurological condition. It cannot be ‘fixed’ but with the right interventions and supports, particularly during the first five years of life, people with autism can learn strategies that greatly help them realise their full potential. 

Funding for support like this was never adequate but now, what little there is, is increasingly under threat. There is also a need to  improve general awareness of the condition to lessen the stigma and lack of understanding that can make life needlessly difficult for people with autism.

However, today is a day for celebration above all. The fun, genius and fantastic perspective which autistic people bring into the world needs to be better appreciated.  

Perhaps people will share some of their experiences on this thread?

Miriam Cotton, April 2, 2012