Will It Be Like That Girl LEGO?



You know? The girl LEGO.

27 thoughts on “Will It Be Like That Girl LEGO?

  1. woesinger

    I didn’t know what Joe.ie was until I looked. Now I’m sorry I did.

    “Lads love cars; girls love shoes” gender stereotyping bullshit.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I’ll wager that the girl’s version will be swathed in baby pink / magenta, feature lipstick, shopping and a male torso.

      1. v3

        joe.ie looks like the usual boys mag crap. There’s a gap in the market for the first magazine / website aimed at men that doesn’t assume the stereotypical lad-crap.

          1. v3

            Go and google FHM there and see what the listing says… Sexy Girls. If I want pron I’ll find porn. Any chance there’s a magazine I’d be caught dead reading in public?

          2. curly haired tool

            Are you that ashamed of your sexuality and your manly needs and urges? Its 2012 man, live a little, buy FHM and read it in public, its exhilirating.

          3. John Doe

            I was going to say Esquire, but looking at the homepage it says “Women, beer and cheese”, so it’d be pretty moot in this instance. Still, that’s me sorted for the next hour.

          4. Rob

            Irish Tatler Man isn’t bad. Business, Entertainment, Sport, Gadgets and loads of fashion. Also a very prominent lack of near-naked women. For good or for bad.

  2. kra

    Feels like there is some significant gender segregation in Ireland. Catholic church and separate schools maybe? As a foreigner (coming from Europe) it is very bizarre for me to see how men and women prefer to go out mostly with their same gender friends (“out with the lads” or “just us the girls” etc). Mixed companies are not as common as the rest of Europe. No judgment, just an observation. :P

    1. paul

      a fair degree of truth in that. I think the younger generations are more mixed in their socialising – the under 25s compared to the children of the 70’s and 80’s

      1. cluster

        Definitely true, I always thought it was the single-gender schools but it happens in the UK as well, at least relative to the US or continental Europe.

  3. Scarlett

    There are no women in publishing? Really!? Media and publishing has been my career for the past 17 years.

  4. Rachel

    Actually said I was very interested in writing some things… if it is not another spew of z lists celebs and, well, all the stuff in the in the Irish mags

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