Noonan Tears Killiney Couple A New One


Or cynically exploits misfortune of property-laden, elderly pair (above with members of Occupy Dame Street this afternoon) to score cheap political point.

YOU decide.

Finance Minister Michael Nooan has said that the Government has pledged to keep people in their homes, but not in ”21 different homes”.
“We must distinguish between people who can’t pay and people who won’t pay,” the Minister said, referring to the much-publicised eviction of a couple from their Dublin home this week.
Today Minister Noonan said the much-publicised eviction was “well-designed”.
“We have no pledge to keep people in 21 different homes and we must distinguish between people who can’t pay and people who won’t pay,” he said.


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81 thoughts on “Noonan Tears Killiney Couple A New One

  1. Matthew

    Opportunistic point-scoring, as all politics is these days, but you can’t really say that he’s very wrong.

    1. Andy Moore

      Lovely to see 69 comments without antagonism towards ODS & the honourable folks who went out to discuss the situation with the Kelly’s . The ODS ‘s problem is with the sherrif & bailiffs acting as bully boys for the banks !

    1. VinLieger

      It was well designed by the old pair to illicit a public outcry… that is till everyone figured out they own 21 other houses and basically just havent bothered paying their 2m mortgage since 2010

  2. Buddyg

    The broadsheet editorial stance is pretty clear. “Or cynically exploits property-laden, elderly pair’s misfortune to score cheap political point”

  3. AC

    Oh, so now the fact that they’re an ‘elderly’ couple is relevant again?

    I can’t keep up.

    1. paul m

      have we?

      i think theres tons more of people waiting to row in on this. there’s a whole weekends worth of newspapers to fill with this, you cant possibly think SF and FF are content to not stick the dagger in further. the circus is in town to stay for quite some time. sure they’ve got the bigtop set up in killiney!

        1. paul m

          only the finest tiniest elephant fleas you’ve ever seen this side of the new world order! roll up roll up. come 21 come all!

  4. dylad

    The buck stops with lack of regulation- the State…and shit runs down hill. How can you provide people with such large loans when they are not going to be around much longer. mad stuff. Wasn’t there another eviction on this website a while back- that didn’t get as much attention did it?

    1. woesinger

      People in Killiney matter more than people elsewhere. They have, like, real feelings and opinions on theatre and stuff.

      It’s in that memo you missed.

      1. Daffyd

        Hah! Bangalore, that is the best comment I’ve ever read on You’re now my hero.

    2. Not the King of Spain

      The buck stops with the individual and their actions. Banks exist to make money, not to facilitate people in getting a house.
      The reason that they lend money is to make a profit. Huge chunks of people don’t seem to understand this basic fact. They lend you an amount of money and then over time they take back a much greater amount of money. Their business model is based on making sure the difference between the first amount and the second amount is as great as possible. This is why they need to be properly regulated. It’s clear that regulation failed massively. However just because regulation fell down badly, this doesn’t absolve people of their actions.

  5. Mrs Stapleton

    He’s right about it being well-designed. Every part of this (deeply personal) process has been played out in front of the cameras. Presumably with the intention of creating sympathy for the couple.

    Morgan Kelly predicted a battle over mortgages and I think the fault-lines have been drawn with this case.

    1. mani

      Aw, diddums.
      Save it for the Right Hook. George delights in reading out the ‘I bet you’ll never read this’ or ‘you never read my texts’ etc.

  6. Coff

    When there was sympathy for that pair, Gilmore said he would be calling them as they are in his constituency. Now, Noonan is (rightfully) tearing them a new one.

    Jump on the bandwagon much?

  7. woesinger

    Those who live by cynically exploitive media manipulation perish by cynically exploitive media manipulation.

  8. Silly person

    Opportunism of the highest order because his principle of “we must distinguish between people who can’t pay and people who won’t pay” seems not to have applied to the household charge.

    1. mccannski

      don’t want to propping up the government but that is their attitude to the household charge aswell no?

    1. AndyT

      They live in Ireland, what sort of problems were you expecting them to have.

      Absolutely zero sympathy for them, btw. Just getting a bit f’k’n tired of that dumb cliche.

      1. Sweet

        Getting “f’k’n” tired of the First World Problem Cliche is such a First World Problem….

        Problem? :)

    1. Rompsky

      I hope they are paying rent to whoever owns the road, and the €100 tent charge, and the water (rain) charges.

    2. Cobweb

      Until their wealthy neighbours call the Gardai to have them charged with loitering within tent!

        1. Not the King of Spain

          Naw if the ODS lot could get away with it for months, I’m sure they can away with it for a few months too.

  9. Just sayin

    I wonder how the elderly couple treat tenants who don’t pay their rent for two years?

    1. Zynks

      The court order is two years old, but they probably hadn’t paid the mortgage a for a long while before the order was issued.

  10. Cobweb

    Strange how they just happened to be residing in the the most expensive of the 21 properties!

  11. bozo

    I have sympathy for everyone involved.does that make me a good person?
    Even minister Noonamnanm.

  12. bisted

    …I didnt expect when this story broke that I’d end up laughing as much … is that true about wombats?

    1. Bangalore

      It is. You say to a wombat that you ‘lost your shit’ and he wont have a fecking clue what youre talking about

  13. Jimbo

    We must distinguish between the two???? What a clown this man is. The people of Limerick can be proud of this most arrogant of men. At least they are going down in the polls.

  14. Betty

    Would love to be in the blissful position of being surprised by any of these “revelations”. There are hundreds of Kelly’s/O’Kellys throughout this country. These are the only pair who thought they’d make a pantomime out of their eviction and garner sympathy from it.

  15. Brian

    what do you mean by “property laden”? Is it one of those terrible things like “money laden”? Or “gold laden”? Or “diamond laden”?

  16. flip

    It was hardly a cheap stunt to score political points.
    What an absurd notion..Brian Noonan doesn’t talk shite.
    The Kelly’s were too greedy.
    Justice has been served.

  17. MR Troll


    A plastic surgeon who flew all his friends to his 50th birthday bash in Switzerland, is squatting in my former family home.
    We sold to him in 2010. Granting access for the initial deposit leaving him with a settlement date of 2 years, now he refuses to come up with the balance, and and won’t leave. There are a lot of bollixes out there and some of them have rooms in the Beacon.

  18. Mike Baldwin

    Christ, can we park this bloody story? Greedy twat has comeuppance, end of. It’s not symptomatic of everything amiss,. relax. And they’re old, great, shorter state pension, see yis….Oh, I LOVE the fact he made his fortune in Germany originally, Germans takin’ it all back….LoL

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