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This morning.

Via The Irish Times:

More than 360 people were served eviction notices in the two months after the Government lifted a blanket ban on removing tenants last August, figures from the Residential Tenancies Board (RTB) show.

The number of eviction notices served increased significantly in the second half of last year after emergency protections for renters introduced due to the arrival of the coronavirus pandemic were lifted. Some 787 people were issued eviction notices by landlords between March and the end of September.

The board, which adjudicates on disputes between tenants and landlords, also saw a small increase in reports of illegal evictions from July onwards.

Over 360 people served eviction notices after ban lifted (Irish Times)

This morning.

Berkeley Road,, Phibsborough, Dublin 7.

From above: Residents Vijya (left, face mask, no second name given) and Niyi Jegede (face mask, cap) with Simon Haslam (high viz vest), of the Housing Action Group, outside the site of what the Irish Property Owners’ Association has referred to as “an illegal eviction” by private security staff overseen by Garda officers on Wednesday morning.

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Via Irish Council For Civil Liberties


This afternoon.

Further to yesterday’s eviction in Phibsborough, Dublin 7.

Nine tenants have returned to the property after being thrown out on Wednesday morning with all their possessions left on the pavement.

Some had been living in the house for years.

Following the government’s lifting of the ban on evictions during the pandemic, several men wearing all black – with small Irish tricolours stitched on to their tops – face coverings, caps and sunglasses’ entered the house, told the residents to leave and boarded up the front door and windows.

Uniformed Gardai were present throughout.

Via Irish Times:

The landlord, Gerry Ward, said he had been involved with the property since around 2004. He has been involved in a legal dispute over it since 2017 with a property fund, Beltany Property Finance.

“That has not been finally resolved, that has not been fully resolved,” he said, adding he had not been aware of the property’s repossession until he was contacted by the tenants.

A spokesman for Goldman Sachs, which controls Beltany, said the fund sold the property on June 2nd to an individual…


Nine tenants evicted from north Dublin property by men in masks and dark clothing (Jack Power, Irish Times)

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This evening.

Phibsborough, Dublin 7.


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This afternoon.

Rutland Place, Dublin 1

Residents Helen Flanagan and Amy Ni Mhurchu outside their rented house joined by supporters and members of the Community Action Tenants Union Ireland (CATU).

The claim that their landlord who was subletting off someone else – whose loan was purchased by a vulture fund – did not give proper notice before telling them that they have to leave.  Helen and Amy say that they are willing to comply as long as they are treated with ‘fairness and dignity’.

Community Action Tenants Union Ireland (CATU)

Sam Boal/Rollingnews

This afternoon.

Falsk, Strokestown, County Roscommon

The scene of a forced, violent eviction last December of the McGann family – two elderly brothers and sister – and the repossession of a farmhouse by security guards working on behalf of US vulture Cabot, which purchased the loan from KBC Bank.

Via RTÉ:

More than a dozen people have gathered inside the gates of a house in Co Roscommon in support of a family at the centre of a repossession row.

The McGann family had been given until midday to vacate the house at Falsk near Strokestown.

The house has been at the centre of a long running legal battle between the family and KBC bank.


People gather in support of McGann family at Falsk in Co Roscommon (Shannonside)

Supporters inside Roscommon property at centre of repossession row (RTÉ)

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Pic: ShannonsideFM


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Yesterday: Heartbreak House

Pic: Lois Kapila/Dublin Inquirer

Johnny Keenan writes:

This is real life drama here folks. Not in a car crash way. But in a pure honest heartbreaking way.

This Wonderful Bray, County Wicklow woman [Yoga teacher, Lisa Temple] is facing eviction and is so strong in mind and character to share her story as it happens.

A situation that many of our sisters and brothers are in.

On watching this you will want to go to the first of 4 videos so far to get the whole story. Check out the page of Temple Yoga  (below)for updates.

Temple Yoga

This morning/afternoon.

Farndreg, Dundalk, County Louth

In fairness.

Isaac Doherty (above) and John Mangan (pic 4) in front of their homes at the former halting site in Balgaddy, Clondalkin, Dublin, where a number of traveller families including 28 children face eviction. The site was due to be cleared today by South Dublin County Council. Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre is calling on Minister for Housing, Eoghan Murphy TD to intervene and ban Traveller evictions until the Traveller accommodation crisis is over

This afternoon, in Balgaddy, west Dublin.

A number of Traveller families, including 28 children, are to be evicted.

They say they have nowhere to go.

Pavee Point has released the following statement:

Pavee Point Traveller and Roma Centre is calling on Minister for Housing, Eoghan Murphy TD to intervene and ban Traveller evictions until the Traveller accommodation crisis is over.

Today five families including 28 children face eviction from an old school site in Balgaddy, Clondalkin where they have been living since last year.

The families agreed to move by today – but there is nowhere else for them to go.

Meanwhile an independent review of Traveller accommodation law is currently underway through the Department of Housing and due to be published in April.

“Twenty years of failed accommodation policies has resulted in this crisis for Travellers. There has been an underspend of €55 million on Traveller accommodation since 2000.

In this context, evictions are inhumane,” said Pavee Point co-director Martin Collins.

Traveller family with 28 children to be evicted from west Dublin site (Kitty Holland, The Irish Times)

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Ban Traveller Evictions – not fair to families with nowhere to go (Pavee Point)