Irish Lad Calls TV3 Psychic And Pretends To Be Will Smith



Psychic Wayne and fresh Irish prankster collide on telly last night (following Tonight with Vincent Browne).

The stuff of Legend.

Psychic Wayne And Will Smith: The Prankscript

Mystic Wayne: “Good morning who’s there?”

‘Will’: This is Will.

Wayne: “Will, how are you doing, what’s the question for me?”

Will: “I’m glad I got through to you Wayne. It’s a little complicated. I was brought up in America. you see many many years ago. I had a good time there. I wasn’t dangerous are anything like that. But the area I was born in was quite dangerous. I used to hang out in playgrounds and stuff and play basketball that kind of thing. Anyway I got into a fight one day and I got told that I had to move in with my aunty and uncle in a rich area in Ireland. I’ve been living with them my whole life. And I was just wondering if there was any chance I’ll be able to see my old gang because I don’t think they’re alive anymore, half of them probably, will I get to see my old crew back in Philadelphia.”

Wayne: “OK, I can’t answer obviously whether they’re alive or not. We can’t obviously do that thing. But let me just see what is going on with this situation, Will, if that’s OK.And see whether there i sum…have you…I mean obviously…have you though about going back? I mean you know where they all are or…”

Will: “Well, kind of. There was this one guy Jazzy Jeff and he used to DJ with me, you know I used to play some rap music there. I think he’s still around. to be honest with you, but I don’t know about the rest of them. I mean they were kind of a hard gang. I used to be messin’ with nodody. I used to be shooting out and playing some b-ball outside of the school. And then a couple of guys who were up to no good you know they started making trouble in my neighbourhood. I got in one little fight…”

Will: “Well look I’ve got to be honest with you I can see…you know how this is going to happen?.I think you’re going to get hold of them through social networking sites.”

Will: “Really?”

Wayne: “I feel something’s going spring up through there. And that person will know that person and that person…it’s a bit like that. I do feel if you try that avenue. I think you can find these people. I think they’re a lot nearer than what you think. But I also feel as well that…people change but people also forget.”

Will; “Yeah, I suppose…”

Wayne: “And you’re a different person. What you have got to understand is you’ve also moved on with your life. You’ve got new friends. You’ve made a new life for yourself.”

Will:”I have I suppose. I’ve been successful. I mean I used to like the rap music. It did well for me. I suppose there wasn’t much of a market for rap music in the 1980s for that kind of rap music so I got involved in entertainment here.”

Wayne: “Is that Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince?”

Will: Yeah yeah, do you know the guys?

Wayne: Yeah yeah yeah. Course.

Will: That’s me. I’m Will Smith.

Wayne: (penny drops) Oh, you’re Will Smith?

Will: “Yeah.”

Wayne: “Fantastic. Amazing.”

Will: “It’s cool, isn’t it?”

Wayne: “He’s Brilliant…Will Smith.”

Will: “One piece of advice: you should probably do up your bottom button because your belly’s hanging out.”

Wayne: “OK, thank you very much. Thank you very much for your call.”

Thanks Oisin Davis

34 thoughts on “Irish Lad Calls TV3 Psychic And Pretends To Be Will Smith

  1. Wayne.F

    Since when did psychics start recommending social media as a solution to things. Absolutely brilliant all these lads who are unemployed and have nothing to do during the day are leading to a great increase in the craic.

  2. bozo

    yeah he cops it.look closely at his expression and the fact that he plays the “trickster” tarrot card.brill though.

  3. JimmV

    I’m pretty sure the first question last night about “what would happen to the Euro” was someone taking the piss too.

    Fair play to the “psychic” for keeping a cool head and keeping the lads on the line – Will Smith just gave the team €7!

  4. NiallOK

    Prank aside… you’re saying this crap was on TV3?

    I thought we’d seen the last of this exploitative rubbish when their Play TV (or whatever it was) ‘service’ was knocked on the head.


  5. hmb

    Not original in the slightest and poorly delivered 1/10 for effort though, I’m sure it seemed a good idea at the time

  6. Mike Baldwin

    There’s a good one where a bloke rings a pizza place and goes on about how he ordered double pepperoni, jalapenos etc etc and upon opening the box his pizza is ‘blank’ – no tomato sauce, no cheese – nothing. Goes on for about 20 mins and then he says, “ah, sorry mate, I opened it upside down……….”

  7. Fieldy

    There’s no such thing as psychic power. So many idiots pandering to the supernatural this day in age is an insult to humankind!

  8. Anne

    ‘Psychic – Wayne’ was on TV3 tonight, right after Vincent Brown… what a bullshitter.
    €2.45 a min. Shouldn’t be allowed.
    He kept preying on people to ring in with their problems..
    “cant sleep” says he. “call me, it’s no coincidence you are watching.. you are meant to call me”, says he.. with a straight f**king face on him.

    He did up little messages too that he personally typed earlier that evening.. and when you call you’d get a random message that was meant for you, from bullshitter Wayne. One guy rings up asking about his love life and Wayne opens up one of his little messages from his box of personally typed psychic messages that he said just flowed out of him earlier that evening.. the message to the guy about his love life was ‘you’ll never have to work hard in your life’.
    I was tempted to call up Wayne to tell him about my psychic abilities .
    ‘hold on Wayne, tis coming, tis coming to me.. it’s saying you’re full of shit Wayne.. Could it be true Wayne.’

    I can’t believe they have this shite on the telly.

  9. Kdoc

    The programme is clearly a winner. People are discussing it on Liveline – and commenting about it on Broadsheet.

  10. Kristine

    Psychics like this give quality professionals a bad name. Sadly this is more like bad theatre than anything actual and useful although I did also find it funny that this guy wasn’t at all on to the scammer and even bothered to look at his own belly as told to at the end. K

  11. Ajay Sandhu

    ..Kristine you’re a beautiful woman, but theres no such thing as a genuine Psychic sweetheart.

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