Slane Castle, June 1, 1985


Barry Hingston writes:

My first Bruce concert… this show is legendary in the history of Rock in Ireland. Bruce was just coming to the peak of his world-wide ‘general public’ popularity. It seemed that the whole of Ireland had arrived in County Meath for this show – it was the place to be, the ticket to have, the concert of the year.

It was also reputed to be the hottest day ever on record in Ireland. My cousin gave me a castle guest pass – the concert was being held in the grounds of Lord Henry Mount Charles’ stately castle. My guest pass left me walking bewildered through crowds of rock stars also attending the gig of the year, with free beer at my finger tips! It was unbelievable!! I ended up sitting out on the grassy hill to the right of the stage, in front of the castle, with all the room in the world, looking down on the E Street Band, listening to the set above… I was 19 & in heaven – definitely one of the formative experiences of my life.


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(Photo: AP)

12 thoughts on “Slane Castle, June 1, 1985

    1. HandSolo

      Phenomenal. Only problem is that there isn’t lull to let you away for a toilet/bar break

  1. yourcommentisawaitingmoderation

    I miss real concert tickets. Those ticket master print out things are a thing of ugly.

  2. ljr

    Yeah will I was there too. I had been feeling rather crappy all day and when they announced at 4pm that he would be on in an hour I decided to go to the John’s Ambulance people to get an aspirin or something. They poked at me for a few minutes and said you have appendicitis and it feels like it is very very swollen. you have to go to navan hospital right now. Missed the whole f@@@ing concert and was operated on the next morning early. 2 more people came in with appendicitis just after the gig but I was the only one who missed the whole show. I remember how inedible the food was and how packed the ward was. the only upside was that I missed my 5th year school exams which were due to start a week or so later.

  3. Redtop

    That was the first concert I was ever at and I remember it like it was yesterday. One of the best summer days we had, by a long shot.

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