Do You Dislike Getting Clamped?


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Annie writes:

We are an Irish startup called ParkYa that are looking for BETA testers for our app.
ParkYa take the stress out of parking by letting you know where there are free spaces in the city and the cost. You can plan your journey and pay from your phone, topping up if you get delayed, etc. It’s your weapon against clampers.


Right now we need 100 testers that:

1. Have an iPhone
2. Have a car.
3. Are Dublin-based.

It would be fantastic if you could let your readers know as we badly need to hit our target number of testers. Contact, marking your email ‘Broadsheet’.

No cash, favours, apps, etc. were given for this post

35 thoughts on “Do You Dislike Getting Clamped?

  1. Listrade

    Apart from the app telling you the location of a space, what does this offer that the current parking tag system doesn’t aside from a skeuomorphic parking meter?

  2. Brian S

    Unless it can overlay parking info into maps and direct me there and let me pay with out using a meter then it seems pointless. Also,awful name

    1. Simon

      Parking Tag charges 20 cents everytime, unless you call (which is never gonna happen) instead of text, and most of my parking is for less than 30 minutes so it ends up costing me way more, so an alternate service would be great.

    1. Daveycakes

      Yeah, because no major developer ever does a public beta, so it’s clearly a sign if inferior workmanship.

      Wait, no. Everybody does it.

    2. woesinger

      Short answer: Because it helps you to give people the product they want, rather than the product you think they want.

      Long answer: Because it gets used by real people in the intended environment rather than just testers – so you get to test your assumptions about how users will actually use it, and correct any mistaken assumptions before releasing the final product.

      QA often just finds functional bugs and usually says nothing about the user experience.

      1. elimare

        Wow, so wrong. I’ve worked in QA and software testing for almost 20 years, and done right we run from build verification to system testing to UAT. Granted I’ve worked in some places that ran beta tests with pilot users, but not for free.

  3. Hilton Sicliar

    Jeez you guys, they’re just some crazy kids with a pocket full of dreams. Cut em some slack wouldja…

  4. Joe

    It’d be easier to get 100 people to test it if they developed it for the waaaaay more popular Android market.

    Just sayin’

    1. Daveycakes

      Quick somebody, help protect the previous web reserves! We’re nearly out of zeroes, and we’ve been using lower-case letter l’s instead of ones for a week now.

  5. Darren Donohue

    Not sure what city you all live in but parking in Dublin is brutal. Any app that makes it easier is OK by me. I’d be interested to see were their going with it!

  6. Charco

    Im gonna try it. I can see the frustrating issue being the app telling you a space is free and then you get to it and its filled.

  7. Sidthesexist

    Go and pay for some researchers instead of crowd surfing the public.

    Are your testers going to get shares in the enterprise?

  8. Sidthesexist

    And say PLEASE and THANKS when you’re looking for people do something for free which will contribute to profit for someone else.

    Of course there’s enough willing idiots out there.

  9. Daveycakes

    I don’t own an iPhone, but sure I don’t own a car either. As such I’d like to declare that ParkYa are terrible people for not seeing to my tarantula-monitoring needs.

    Dunno, it could be good. Personally I’d like to see it in action, but I’d have to wait for the Android version. Maybe they’re building it in native code, could be a reason why.

  10. Jason Roe

    Hey, I’m Jason Roe the founder of ParkYa. Thanks for all of the interest and feedback.

    The main reason we created ParkYa was to make the experience of parking that bit easier. The app isn’t a replacement for any of the existing services that are already available. Our goal is to integrate with the existing payment providers. We currently pre-populate your SMS and also create a handy reminder in your phone that will allow you to top up before your parking expires.

    We believe that ParkYa compliments these other services as it helps drivers to plan their journey more effectively (if they need to park). We have a map view available but by default we display a list ordered by distance or price as it is easier and quicker to access information this way.

    We are developing ParkYa as a cross platform application. We have an Android version that is 75% complete but we still have some more features to finish. If you are an Android user please do sign up for the beta and we will notify you when the android version is ready to test.

    The beta version of the app currently tells you how many spaces are available on the street. We are continuing to work on a feature to forecast the availability of on street parking. This will not be included in the beta as we have more work to do on this, but it is coming soon…

    Our private beta is a way to get feedback on the app so that we can improve the overall experience for users. We are doing a closed public beta as we are an Irish start-up and we are not a large corporation with extensive resources. That said, we have created three jobs in Ireland already over the last six months. We hope to continue to create jobs and employ more people in Ireland.

    We have had a great response from this article. Thank you to everyone who signed up for the beta, your feedback will help make ParkYa even better and will support Irish jobs into the future.

    Jason Roe.

    ParkYa, its Parking Made Easier!

  11. Joan Mulvihill

    Love this! Have car, have iPhone and waste WAAAY too much time trying to find parking! Parking tag might be handy for paying but Parkya the only app that tells you where nearest parking and price options are located!

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