Like He Hasn’t A Primary Care In The World


He’s had his fun, etc.

James Reilly at government buildings holding the expert group report on the need for new abortion legislation, which was published today.

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

19 thoughts on “Like He Hasn’t A Primary Care In The World

  1. ferg

    Is one of the prerequisites for being Minister for Health that you cannot run 10 yards without serious risk of a coronary?
    Bottler looks like he puts away 100 Carrolls and a case of Powers a day.

  2. Ross

    “I want to start this press conference.”

    Media: “Oh, go right ahead.”

    “I wasn’t asking for permission.”

  3. Mike O'Phone

    Ah, look at that little microphone with no fancy cover; see how the other mics have isolated him. Poor little mic.

  4. Owen O'F

    For eff’s sake. This is embarrassing. You’d be cringing if this was the other way around – say if ‘Alive!’ published a picture of an NHS doctor smiling on his way into work with a caption like ‘EVIL BABY KILLER CHORTLES AT PROSPECT OF DAY OF OF SQUISHING BABIES’.

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