19 thoughts on “Like He Hasn’t A Primary Care In The World

  1. ferg

    Is one of the prerequisites for being Minister for Health that you cannot run 10 yards without serious risk of a coronary?
    Bottler looks like he puts away 100 Carrolls and a case of Powers a day.

  2. Ross

    “I want to start this press conference.”

    Media: “Oh, go right ahead.”

    “I wasn’t asking for permission.”

  3. Mike O'Phone

    Ah, look at that little microphone with no fancy cover; see how the other mics have isolated him. Poor little mic.

  4. Owen O'F

    For eff’s sake. This is embarrassing. You’d be cringing if this was the other way around – say if ‘Alive!’ published a picture of an NHS doctor smiling on his way into work with a caption like ‘EVIL BABY KILLER CHORTLES AT PROSPECT OF DAY OF OF SQUISHING BABIES’.

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