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Beavers are to be introduced on land managed by the English National Trust as part of plans to ease flooding

Well nobody thinks that it’s good
When their house is subsumed by a flood
But it seems that the beaver
Could be the reliever
Of water in your neighbourhood

John Moynes

Pic: Wikimedia

Berlin’s politicians are fine-tuning a redevelopment plan for a 3.2-acre site around Checkpoint Charlie (above)  that includes a cold war museum and apartments

It’s been thirty years since the fall
Of Berlin’s great dividing wall
But its once mighty gate
Is in a sorry state
If you go there it’s bound to appal.

John Moynes


A court has heard a taxi driver ripped off passengers by secretly using a remote control to add €9 to fares

Taxi passengers may get a scare
As the newspapers make them aware
There’s a chance that their lift
Was part of a grift
Which strikes me as rather unfair

John Moynes