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Where’s my cheque?

RTE’s New Year’s eve ‘gathering’

We expected Bressie.

He’s too beautiful to understand.

But Dougal?


St Stephen’s Green, Dublin, earlier.

The Gathering.

You can’t beat it with fire.

Because they (above) can – and will – literally eat fire.

(Leon Farrell/Photocall ireland)

Brian @waxiebanjo writes:

Longford/Leitrim border NYE, spotted on a stroll


The Unspecified Thing That Looks Like Ireland To

Spotted in Aldi, Blanchardstown, Dublin, earlier.

The confectionery formerly known as Disco Biscuits.

All the Nom without the bitter drug innuendo aftertaste..

We’ll get our reefer jacket.

Ah here.

Barton Keyes writes:

Thought you might like this shirt design I’ve been working on the last few days. Designed for returning friends as well as shameless cashing in! oh….also…….”The O that looks like……”


Diaspora Dhuit Tee (RedBubble)


Lou Lou writes:

I know you don’t usually do this… but there is a wonderful 95-year-old lady, Eillen, who has travelled to Dingle, [Co Kerry] for the new years’s break.. she’s immobile and was given a Kindle for Christmas, for which her grandson forgot to pack the charger. I was wondering if anyone in Dingle would be able to lend Eileen a charger so she’s able to read the books she’s got on her Kindle? It’s all she wants to do and all she needs is a lend of a charger. It’s a long shot, but I thought I’d check.



Some of Digital Globe’s best satellite images of 2012. They’re still taking votes on their Facebook page.

(Above: the wreck of the Costa Concordia; Mount Fuji in Japan; the Burning Man Festival in Nevada; the Lady Of The North mine sculpture in Northern England, and the Space Shuttle Endeavour on top of a 747)