Pro-Choice Meet-Up


The Gresham Hotel, Diublin, on Saturday afternoon.

A New national pro-choice campaign emerges…

Clare writes:

Over 200 people came together to start building a new campaign for abortion rights in Ireland. Working groups were created for topics such as lobbying, media and fundraising. The structure and aims of the campaign were also discussed.
Aoife Dermody, one of the meeting organisers. It was clear we have the knowledge and experience, and more importantly the compassion and energy we need. We are prepared to take action to make this change a reality.” Anyone wishing to get involved can email


Pic by Andrew Flood


The American Pro-Life Action League has said Irish pro-life groups are set for a significant financial boost as a result of fundraising campaigns across the US.
The national director of the American Pro-Life Action League has said that Irish pro-life groups are set for a significant financial boost as a result of fundraising campaigns across the United States.
Josep Scheider (above) told The Sunday Business Post that members of the league, which has been active since the 1980s, would also be travelling to Ireland to take part in anti-abortion protests here.
He said the donations involved could amount to several hundred thousands of dollars, and that a significant amount of the money raised would go to Youth Defence.


Anti-abortion Groups Set For Major US Fund Boost (Sunday Business Post – behind paywall)

70 thoughts on “Pro-Choice Meet-Up

      1. paul

        you missed #listgate ?? oh the american fascists are sponsoring a billboard campaign, turns out mcguirk has been making a list of journalists that support legislation on x case etc and it may be trumpeted soon. targeting journalists over their views, mccarthyism, the man has no shame, siding with the far right and then blathering on about man utd and the Jets all weekend on twitter

        1. Lan

          Having had to listen to him when he ran in the Cavan/Monaghan constituency (he got absolutely hammered). He has got to be one of the foulest human beings to have entered politics in this country

  1. joe buckley

    haha i know at least 30 of them where pro lifers seeing what plans the choicers where making and another sizeable chunk of people where only looking for their a free cup of tea

    1. Fiona Hyde

      To point out just one of your inaccuracies, there wasn’t any free tea. There was a great turn out, though!

    2. herself.there

      I was there, I’m pro-choice. It was an open meeting, we knew anti-choice people would be there. Thats why there was a code of conduct that everybody had to sign up to, not to shout, heckle or speak over one and other. There was no tea, choice is resourced through love alone at the moment (physically manifesting itself in donations on the day). We are an open movement, we are many :)

    1. Bangalore

      It really says something that abortion, which is a right in every other civilized country in the world, is viewed by some as a ‘far lefty hippy’ cause.

      Just shows how far behind some in this country are.

      1. ex pat

        Many who take lead roles in the issue are quite left of centre and it is reasonable to say that most people look at a flight to the UK as an acceptable compromise so that the issue does not need to take centre stage for a prolonged period. The law grants the right to travel; legislation is required to protect the lives of mothers but that is an entirely different issue.

        If a referendum process asks a simple question on completely nailing down a presumption in law that the mother must come first no matter what it will pass comfortably. Put 2 referendums out there and anything could happen and the pro choice side will be outspent by 5:1 by US money……….

        1. herself.there

          The right to travel isn’t secured for women without Irish or EU citizenship, women living in poverty or women in abusive controlling relationships. The right to travel exists predomently for white middle class women.

          1. ex pat

            The law states that a woman cannot be prevented from travelling to seek an abortion in another jurisdiction. The system will also not fund trips for boob jobs. In a period of austerity there is no way the fiscal position allows for lifestyle choice grants. What was won for Irish women in the prevention of people taking legal actions to stop travel or even picketing airports and ports was a major victory for Irish women. Enough said…..

    2. Arman Maroufkhani

      You’d be surprised what “far lefty hippy decision-making process” has managed to accomplish in the past and continues to do in the world today.

      1. Yikes

        Nah, sorry, I think the commentor’s point is that unwieldy anarchoid consensus-based decision-making processes, a moral allergy to matching lifers in collecting money for the campaign and strange demands for trans rights could be a brake on getting anything done.

          1. Jolly

            Women who are in the process of changing their gender to male can still get pregnant but might not define themselves as “women” anymore. The request was that the name of the movement should not have the word women in it as it would exclude them.
            Another point was that the name should not be in Irish as that would exclude immigrants and others who might not be fluent in Irish – valid point.

        1. Jolly

          and I agree. We should have elected a steering committee on Saturday – at the moment there is a self appointed group of people who are running everything. No working groups were set up and no decisions made. We need to move faster. The next meeting in January needs to be a meeting of decisions and elections. Also the fact that we had to sign up to a “code of conduct” which no one had agreed to or voted on yet is not democratic and if you don’t sign up you don’t get to attend – which means you have no option. I thought it was very positive with many great ideas from people – I just wish we had made some decisions.

          1. Bangalore

            With the possible (indeed plausible) level of trolling and antagonism that this issue will attract I think a code of conduct is a great idea. Sure a steering committee should be elected. But I do commend the leadership that has been shown thus far.

          2. Jolly

            Yes I agree, but the code of conduct should be agreed by all. Not decided by 4 people and imposed on the rest.

          3. Bangalore

            Its difficult to see how this could have been agreed by all when this was the first meeting. personally I don’t think its a big deal, lets keep our eyes on the prize and not get distracted about small issues like this.

          4. Jolly

            If it was the first point on the agenda to vote on it I don’t think there would have been an issue. Anyway, as you say. Eyes on the price. I’m not making a big issue of it – I’m merely pointing out that it could have been less top-down structured. If we had elected a steering commite and set up working groups on Saturday we would have hit the ground running and I would have prefered that.

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      Apart from the Uniforms, Genocide, Murder, Poison Gas, Blitzkrieg, WWII etc….

      but yeah, apart from that – F***in Nazis

  2. Munkifisht

    You can say one thing for fundamentalist lunatics, they know how to raise cash. The clue is in the name, FUNDamentalist. It would be be good night sweetheart if the pro-choice campaign could generate the same kind of cash revenue.

    1. ex pat

      I think whoever funded Patrick Jane aka Shane from Home & Away on his Californian series has funded very well!!!!!

  3. ah HEYOR

    Can we PLEASE desist with calling these people pro life?? They are anti choice, religious zealots – and ironically most of the same people who in ‘Merica send their young off to kill and be killed by other religious zealots – my god is better than your god etc etc.

      1. Jolly

        In what way is Pro-choice misleading? We are pro-choice. For women’s right to choose. I don’t understand how that is misleading in any way at all.

        1. ZeligIsJaded

          Choose when? In all situations? Despite medical advice/ best practice/ international guidelines/ court judgements/ stage of pregnancy etc etc????

          Its hardly that simple.

          1. Godwin's Law Police

            It is in fact that simple.

            The end goal is the right for personal control/choice regardless of all other factors, countering the current status quo of denial of personal control/choice regardless of all other factors. There will be an unhappy medium reached somewhere in the middle.

          2. ZeligIsJaded

            Oh ok, I’m sorry, I wasn’t fully aware of the theory behind the approach.

            Can’t say I agree with that theory (seems a little extreme), but I concede my point is invalid in that case.

            So its the whole, ‘Aim high, and accept the negotiated outcome’ approach?

            Are you implying therefore that was is being sought is a situation where there are no safe-guards or guidelines required, and rather ‘women’ will regulate the whole thing themselves, like a private club?

          3. droid

            Hey, they’ve been doing it for about 2.5 million years, obviously with some success as we’re all here to talk about it.

          4. Jolly

            For a woman to choose what medical care she should or should not receive. In discussion with her medcal practioner she should get to decide what is best for her. I don’t see why this shouldn’t be called pro-choice. There is no situation a man can find himself in where he doesn’t get medical treatment because the law stops his doctor from it. Pro-choice means that a woman has the right to choose to have an abortion or not to have an abortion. The state has no place in that decision and neither does anyone else. It’s between her and her doctor to come up with the best treatment for her. I don’t think that’s hard to understand. It is in fact rather simple.

          5. ZeligIsJaded

            ‘medical treatment’ ??

            This whole debate is littered heavily with linguistic land mines.

            My post was just pointing out that they tend to be misleading on both sides.

            As we all know, there’s no consensus on what constitutes ‘medical treatment ‘

          6. len

            No, abortion is very clearly a medical treatment. Do you mean a “necessary” medical treatment? Because that’s a different story – and all pro-choicers want is for women to be allowed to decide what is necessary treatment (as they do in every other instance, and as men do in every instance).

            Pro-choice is simple to understand. The “pro-life” movement has been actively trying to change the language to suit them and vilify the pro-choice argument, and as a result it has left people thinking that both sides of the fence are extreme. This is not the case.

          1. Jolly

            I know he’s a troll – but these kind of comments should be moderated. I don’t see why BS allows him to say stuff like this.

  4. Marie

    In light of the budget and all, what approx would be the benefit to our economy of having abortion in Ireland?

    Job creation… Save the spending of the euro over in England…

    1. Bangalore

      Not everything needs to have a justification in economic terms. Human rights do not have a price tag.

  5. mthead

    Why aren’t anti-choicers ever giving out about women travelling for abortions?
    The assumption we’re left with is that they are only concerned with the act not happening here.
    So in reality, to be Irish and anti-choice is to be anti-choice for the poor and/or too ill to travel.

    Just the sick and the needy.

    Well done lads and lassies.

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