Artist Gráinne Tynan told us via our Facebook:

“Tintin’s wild adventures in Cork are over and he’s back in Dublin sipping a flat white. Can you guess the location?
“I’ll be launching the prints this weekend at Block T’s Christmas Market and prints will also be for sale at


The location, anyone?

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41 thoughts on “Hipster Tintin

  1. Gearbox

    He’s actually heading into the Georgian Society building site / renovation on South William Street. Sorry Tintin, no dogs allowed and you will need protective head & footwear. And a moustache net.

    1. No Fun

      Tin Tin can, because he works in media. “Print Journalism”, you might not have heard of it, it’s kind of underground.

          1. Whoop

            the gaf on the top right is where Louise Johnston, Dani and the girls lived in the spunktacular show of the same name

  2. Maro

    On South William where it meets Castle Market. Tintin’s probably on his way to Damson to say hello to the boys. But something is wrong with this picture. Snowy shouldn’t be there. He should be bored shi*less sitting in an office somewhere if he’s a hipster/hipster’s dog.

    1. Maro

      Oh yeah, he got that coffee in JoBurger on the way up. He never pays cos himself and Joe are great mates :)

  3. Bejayziz

    Fresh from little bit of browsing in Harlequin and a coffee in that awfully decorated place in the Georges street arcade i’m sure

  4. Father Filth

    The dog needs to be adorned with something glib and patronising to its origins, like.. a Tibetan wish neck scarf or.. shit along those lines. A Tibetan Shamballa collar.

    Basically, something that would want to make you punch Tintin *and* the dog.

    I like this print the best, mind you. Delights and annoys me in equal measure.

    1. Parp

      YEs, quite sure. It’s Tintin. It even says it in the picture. He’s quite a famous comic-book character.

  5. missred

    God damnit, I just bought the other Tintin in Dublin print and sent it off as a gift! This one is more clever with a nod and a wink to the silliness of daft hipsters, but not nearly as laugh-out-loud as him as a skobie

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