A Limerick A Day


In Britain old Leveson gave,
Out when newspapers would misbehave,
There’s no need for that here,
As it fast becomes clear,
That our papers will dig their own grave.

John Moynes

Irish Newspapers Demand To be Paid If You Link To Them (Boingboing)

2012: The Year Irish Newspapers Tried to Destroy The Web (McGarr Solicitors) 

34 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

    1. The Other Fella

      The funny thing about it is the Irish Times link to loads of other sites including other newspapers and online news sources and don’t pay for those links.

      If I had the skills I’d write a program to trawl the irishtimes.com for external links and add up their bill for them.

          1. The Other Fella

            The Irish Times are one particular example I have chosen. I don’t really spend anytime on the other papers websites so don’t know if they link as much.

    1. Rumpleforeskin

      Oh my god. I’d say the lack of oxygen is getting to him, so high up there on that horse of his…

      “amounting to little more than what a dwindling number of us would have learnt before leaving primary school – such as the differences between “were” and “where”; “hear” and “here”; and “there”, their” and “they’re” – but which nowadays is unlikely to have been taught to a substantial number of those making their way through university.”


  1. dave

    Newspapers don’t care about people using links for personal use – they only have an ‘issue’ with people/companies using links for commercial purposes.

    1. Justin

      Oh really. Define what you mean by “personal use” and “commercial use”.

      If I post a link to the Irish Times on my blog, is that “personal use”? What about if I have google ads there?

      Also, where exactly do these newspapers define that this is what they “care about”?

      1. Justin

        …oh and of course I forgot to mention the important bit — does it matter what they “care about” if there’s absolutely no legal basis for anyone else to give a shit?

    2. Stewart Curry

      The thing is, you don’t need permission to link to something, and you certainly don’t need to pay. That’s how the internet works.

      “There is no need to have to ask before making a link to another site.”
      – Tim Berners-Lee (who invented the web)

      1. Justin

        (btw for licensing nerds reading this: this is exactly the difficulty with attempting to have “non-commercial use only” terms. I moved from using the GNU license to BSD/Apache licensing terms on my open source projects for this reason — it just meant that potential users stopped trying to use my work.)

  2. pedeyw

    What about ads on the Irish Times site? Since that is also for commercial purposes would the IT not have pay for them? I’m not being glib, I’m genuinely curious. It seems to me that any link to a newspaper’s site amounts to free advertising for them.

  3. Sido

    Instead of wasting their time with pointless crap like this – wouldn’t they be better off trying to re-inflate a property bubble?

    1. Blobster

      It seems to have already started to re-inflate. I need to get on the property ladder like yesterday!!!!

  4. mike

    Also if you photocopy and keep an newspaper article on your computer for more than 28 days you have to pay for this. Or if you recieve scanned newspaper articles someone else emails you, and you keep them for more than 28 days you have to pay.

    We do alot of PR in my office and so we have to keep these things on file. It costs about €400 a year just to have them on an internal server!

  5. Prada Meinhof

    On the other hand, if politics.ie posters link to the Irish Times then David Cochrane can just work for the Irish Times as community manager for free (judging by performance already does).

    1. ABM

      I assume David Cochrane is still a major shareholder in Pie Media Ltd? Imagine you worked for the IT on the one hand, and were being sent demand letters from the IT on the other!

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