22 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Tom Joad

    You’re drawing on pretty tired and dated stereotypes for this one John. Rugby has long thrived outside southside Dublin.

  2. info@large

    i thought heaslip would be too busy tweeting pics of his dog or wearing ‘Beats’ by Dr.Dre to captain Ireland?

      1. Rob

        What?? But all the cool, upwardly mobile kids love rugby. It’s the sport to be seen to like. So – out with it. Which are you? A dirty, feral soccer fan or an inbred peasant GAA fan?

    1. bazatron

      Holy shit you’re right! Best stop watching the Hurling, American football, and pretty much every other sport in the world I haven’t played!

        1. TheCitizen

          Ditto to above
          (Or +1, or whatever the “vernack” is these days)
          Well done Mr. Moynes….scansion excellent.

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