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At Stringfellows Covent Garden in London

The taxman once reckoned a dancer
Was being a bit of a chancer
For claiming relief
On clothes that were brief
But the judge gave a much better answer

Pic: Stringfellows

Britain’s minister for leaving Europe David Davis has promised no ‘Mad Max’ deregulation after Brexit

Mr Davis has weathered attacks
From remoaning political hacks
Now he’ll set out his stall
And assure one and all
That life won’t end up like Mad Max

John Moynes

Pic: AP


The folk at DSPCA,
Have something important to say,
A dog makes you smile,
For a brief, fleeting while,
But afterwards throw it away.

John Moynes


A statue called Molly Malone,
On Facebook just cannot be shown,
They reckon her chest,
Which ranks with the best,
Is something they will not condone.

John Moynes



Today marks three years of ‘A Limerick A Day’ by poet, author and comedian John Moynes (above).

On July 16, 2012, with a thoughful meditation on former Health Minister James Reilly,  John began reporting the day’s leading events through the medium of five-line anapestic meter.

While some derided John as the ‘Charlie Manson of scansion’, A Limerick A Day has gone on to become a cherished moment in the 24-hour news cycle for lovers of current affairs and poetry alike. Thank you John from everyone at the ‘sheet.

To celebrate three years of limericks why not wish John many happy returns with a birthday ‘rick?



‘Too pale’ Grace Wain, refused entry to Abu Dhabi.

It seems that now gingers can’t fly,
On a passenger jet in the sky,
They won’t let you in,
If you’ve got pale skin,
But even the docs can’t see why.

John Moynes

(Daily Record)


George Ferguson saw nothing wrong,
With planting the folk from Hong Kong,
By the shores of Lough Foyle,
But he made some blood boil,
And the answer he got was quite strong.

John Moynes

Pic: GlobalPost


Bloomsday is upon us, let’s go,
To a brothel and watch the floor show,
Will I make the choice,
To dress up like Joyce?
No, I said, No, I said No.

John Moynes

Pic:Roly Allen


The hard-working broadcaster Pat,
Has enraged people who believe that,
He said Donegal folks,
Were all lazy yokes,
But they’re tired now, they’ll leave it at that.

John Moynes

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)


With duties this high you know you’ll,
Not want to be played for a fool,
So go to the border,
And place a big order,
And fill up with tax exempt fuel.

John Moynes

brianwilliamsNBC’s Brian Williams

A newsreader’s had to say why,
He once told a whopping great lie,
The dirty old liar,
Said he came under fire,
In Iraq, somewhere up in the sky.

John Moynes