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Mexico’s Supreme Court has struck down laws prohibiting marijuana use but criminal penalties for possessing more than five grammes or selling the drug remain in place

Mexican judges agreed
That the people have a right to weed
But the country’s elite
Are dragging their feet
And not giving folk what they need

John Moynes



A statue called Molly Malone,
On Facebook just cannot be shown,
They reckon her chest,
Which ranks with the best,
Is something they will not condone.

John Moynes



Today marks three years of ‘A Limerick A Day’ by poet, author and comedian John Moynes (above).

On July 16, 2012, with a thoughful meditation on former Health Minister James Reilly,  John began reporting the day’s leading events through the medium of five-line anapestic meter.

While some derided John as the ‘Charlie Manson of scansion’, A Limerick A Day has gone on to become a cherished moment in the 24-hour news cycle for lovers of current affairs and poetry alike. Thank you John from everyone at the ‘sheet.

To celebrate three years of limericks why not wish John many happy returns with a birthday ‘rick?