33 thoughts on “Westport Gridlock Drama

      1. Tommy

        It requires little effort to post and I might get a +1 from an arts fan which would validate my comment and my person.

        1. Mani

          Oh! I don’t think he means the ‘pal’ bit! In fact I’d say he means the reverse! He doesn’t consider you a pal at all!

  1. Zynks

    Chat between the two lads in the picture: “I swear, it fell out of the back of a truck. 20 quid and it’s yours.”

  2. collie147

    Cowboys! That looks like Peter Street, Where are the Gardai, sure the station is 2 minutes walk from there

    1. Nilo

      Well as you probably can tell they’ve already passed the Octagon, but they are just a couple of doors down from Michael Ring’s clinic.
      I myself have often tilted while attempting the walk up the Quay Hill.

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