The Abortion Rights Campaign.

Today at the Teacher’s Club, Parnell Square, Dublin.

From the Irish Choice Network website:

(Thanks Cathie Doherty, Sarah Lounsey Malone and Andrew Flood)

37 thoughts on “A Movement Is Born

        1. Explainer

          I’m guessing Amused thinks that the Pro Choice side using rhetoric (ie Anti-choice instead of Pro Life) to fight perceived rhetoric is a bit hypocritical. Its definitely one way to look at the sentence in question so I think its safe to say Amused understands hypocrisy.

          Another way to look at the sentence is that the ‘Pro Death’ side are going to fight fire with fire which I am guessing was what was intended.

      1. lucifer

        I can lend you some, but you will need to fill out a procurement form. I have a few lying around now, what with Saddam, Gaddafi and that whole palarva with the soviet union..

          1. Santa

            Christmas Party. CHRISTMAS PARTY?! @Lucifer, this is complete BS. @God, you said there wasn’t enough in in the Kitty this year. The Tooth Fairy was spot on. You guys never invite me to ANYTHING.

  1. Stephen

    I was in attendance. Great atmosphere, constructive and ambitions planning. Feeling optimistic about the future! We may not have the money pumped in from America but we have dedication and commitment!

    1. lorcan nagle

      Same here (I’m slap bang in the middle of that photo!). The meeting was entirely positive and I feel the movement is going to focus more on getting our side of the discussion out there rather than fighting Youth Defence and their ilk. Plans have been made and I hope to see a lot of people on the streets soon!

    1. ABM's Bloodied Underwear.


      1) The deliberate termination of a human pregnancy.
      2) A miscarriage.

  2. Klarticus

    Is every man in the pro choice movement encouraged to grow a beard and to stroke it ruefully during meetings ?
    Or is this an amazing example of shychronicity ?

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