Would You Like To Be A Character In A Buke?


Irish writer Darragh McManus has brought out a new book, The Polka Dot Girl which offers a unique twist on the classic noir-style mystery – all the characters are female….”Sam Spade in lipstick and a dress”.

And that’s not all.

Darragh writes:


Buy The Polka Dot Girl and you’ll be entered into a draw, run by me under the strictest conditions of fairness and probity. And the prize is: I’ll name a character after you in a future book. A published book, not just a file I have lying around my computer marked “Completely Unpublishable Avant-Garde Junk Prose-Poem.” Although that does sound good, now that I think about it. It may not be a major character, but it’ll be someone cool, nice, interesting. It won’t be a villain or a character who has something embarrassing happen to them or anything like that. It’ll be good.”

Buy the book here.

Darragh McManus, Author and Journalist