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Tweets from a Covid Cocoon.

By Helen O’Rahilly. who writes:

Cocooning with my ninety-year-old Aunt is not the life I’d imagined when I came back to live in Dublin after 30 years of being a high-flying media executive in London.

From the Groucho Club to our North Dublin coastal cocoon, it was back to earth with a bump. Funny and frustrating, living with the Aunt in our Covid bubble has been quite the eye-opener. Bickering, bitching, masking-up for rare outings, The Stairlift Ascends is a Twitter diary of our time trying to live together, of surviving the pandemic … and each other.

Love, lashings of apple tart, laughter and a longing for trips to Arnotts have seen us through, so far…

Illustrated by Jennie O’Connell.

The Stairlift Ascends (O’Brien Press)

No, really. All on Amazon.

(From top: ‘Volpusa: A Magical World’ by Sam D; ‘Love Laws’ by Mary Muhammad; ‘The Temptation Of John Haynes’ by Shawn James; ‘Reach For The Moon’ by Tuan Ho; ‘Haunted’ by Maria Savva; ‘The Last Journal Of Robyn Hood – Outlaw’ by David Stuart Ryan; ‘Papi Doesn’t Love Me No More’ by Anna Suarez; ’Submarine Jim’ by J.S. Lome and ‘Ashtar’ by Ashtar Command.)