“Liars” And “Children”


But enough about the cabinet.

Sean Sherlock, Labour’s science ‘n’ internet community-splitting junior minister for Research and Innovation sat down with Maria Delaney of Science Calling blog recently.

Listen here (at 11)

He can’t really be that obnoxious, can he?

Gave us a bad turn just listening to it.

Thanks Dara O’Riordan

18 thoughts on ““Liars” And “Children”

  1. Sarah

    well – he’ll not get elected next time at least. Labour in meltdown. they had a chance to consolidate themselves – and they blew it – yet again. Arrogant, right-wing, socially, poor-bashing, conservative ars@holes. We need a proper left party

  2. realPolithicks

    What an obnoxious pr**k! The problem with these guys is that once they get elected they forget who they work for!

  3. Carlos

    Listend and tones seems a bit sharp and patronising.

    Minister seems to suggest CSA doesn’t advise government on policy when http://www.c-s.ie states that: “The Office of the Chief Scientific Adviser was established in 2004 to provide the Government with independent, expert advice on issues related to public science policy.”


    1. domquixote

      Government minister demonstrates his poor understanding but still feels entitled to condescend to us all. Nothing new there then.

    2. Skanger

      Not any more – they removed that bit from the homepage. I’m sure it was entirely coincidental that they did it just after this interview.

  4. Dave

    Seanie, Seanie you are aware that the people (scientists & others) have forgotten more knowledge than you will ever possess!

  5. Mark Dennehy

    …and there’s a core problem in Irish science and research right there. Jumped-up little pricks in government demanding that the entire scientific and engineering community kiss their arses while managing to completely miss the point that the only growth industries we have are in the STEM fields and if we don’t fund them and our best leave to go elsewhere (and that’s what happen when you try to fuck over intelligent people with highly transportable skills), then We. Don’t. Have. Any. Growth.


    Honest, it’s a good thing this muppet’s not in charge of the internet policy in Ireland or we’d be completely fucked…

    1. Blah

      Politicians thinking they understand science must happen about as regularly as engineers think they understand economics, eh Mark?

      1. cluster

        Considering engineering is the most common background fro Fortune 500 CEOs, I imagine a proportion of engineers have some sort of grasp on the topic.

  6. mthead

    jesus he is a horrible mix of boring and infuriating to listen to, if hell exists, mine is listening to this lad. whoever he is. whatever he does.

  7. Mr Meh

    Contravershy? Learn to speak you ignorant little twat!!! Why aren’t scientist speaking out? Because they rely on your money for their careers you disgusting patronizing asshole!! Not everyone wants to suck up to your arrogant underdeveloped face to get money.

    Where is the opposition party person we should be sending this to to finally get the farce of Mark FAILURE Ferguson being made head of SFI and then giving him the role of chief Scientific adviser aswell? Can FF actually help us?

  8. stone1ka

    Unfortunately I have had to work with him on a couple of occasions in the last year. He is actually worse in real life. So arrogant and very unreliable, he makes promises to people and then doesn’t even tell his staff about the commitments he made. All Ministers use their staff to get them out of promises or break bad news, he doesn’t even have the decency to tell his staff to expect this and the constituents etc are left hanging until he’s too late to replace for an event.
    He is a little pup and I hope he has big crash back to reality after the next election, not a nice man.

    1. Justin

      has it been pulled? oh dear.

      I’ve got to say, he came across really badly — and not due to any dodgy editing or tricky questions, he just acted like a bully and tried to bullshit his way through.

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