The Gardaí And The Drug Dealer


Boylan In October 2008, the Garda Síochána Ombudsman Commission began investigating allegations of collusion between certain gardaí and convicted drug dealer Kieran Boylan, above, against whom further drugs charges were dropped in July 2008.

The dropped charges involved six charges in connection with the seizure of €1.7million of cocaine and heroin in 2005. At the time of the seizure, he was on bail.

The GSOC probe ended in December 2012. A file had been sent to the DPP but the DPP directed for no prosecution.

In a report released today, the Garda Ombudsman criticised the following:

– Favouritism shown to one garda unit.

– Leaking of information to journalists.

– Significant delays in the handing over of information, by certain gardaí.

– Failure to keep make and retain contemporaneous notes by certain gardaí.

From the report:



Read the full report here.

Ombudsman says gardaí delayed investigation into Kieran Boylan case (RTÉ)

Pic: Sunday Times

20 thoughts on “The Gardaí And The Drug Dealer

  1. MickT

    If the Gardai had any cop on about public relations, they would come clean. Donegal is an example of their attempts at public relations. It is time to clean out the top echelons and pick out younger Gardai, of a different generation, too take over. There are many younger men and women of higher caliber, who could do a better job than the present incumbents. Maybe it is just wishful thinking on my behalf.

    1. Praetorian

      The majority of Police Forces throughout the world recruit from all walks of life with few restrictions on age limits.The greater Manchester Police recruit up to 56yrs old depending on your life experiance(if that life experiance is of beneficial use to the force)…..This policy should be intoduced here.
      The arrogant dismissive attitude to the public from the Gardai is instilled at the beginning and continues right through their career.The younger ones who give the impression of being ‘sound out’ just dont give a sh1t anymore because they dont see it ever changing……and with a minister who treats them with contempt and distain,why should they give a sh1t.

      1. cluster

        How does the minister treat them with disdain?

        I keep hearing about the fact that the Guards are not being shown enough deference.

        There has been a whole heap of stories in the last while of Garda incompetence, cynicism, arrogance and even hints of criminality. Perhaps it was time that the Guards showed a bit of respect to the govt., the Ombudsman ad to the public.

    2. Tickle (Now with 100% non-moderated comments!)


      I’m afraid to say it is probably just wishful thinking.

      At this stage I think it is just our “way” or ethos.
      It was suggested to me once that it came from the fact we could be “forgiven” our “sins” That plus it being such a small country, shure they all know each other.

      Depressing sh1thole really.

      1. Tickle (Now with 100% non-moderated comments!)

        Fair play BS.

        Don’t let through my “other” comment.You’re a bit like most Pravda tbh

  2. Hector Ramires

    What annoys me the most, is the constant drip drip of info to the newspapers… ie the recent news in the papers regarding the suspect in the Garda Donoghue.

    By giving blow by blow accounts of his movements/carry-on while not charged with a thing, is there not the possibility of ‘Suspect’ using the ‘lack of a fair’ trial defence once charged as gardai have seemingly have picked him out and feed the papers info on him, enough for people to pinpoint him/her and spread his/her name about…

  3. Django

    They ARE the law, dummies. Ps, want to know how so many known drug dealers roam our city streets unhindered? Drugs make a lot of money, so much money that many officers within the drug squad, and higher up, are happy to be on the dealers’ payroll. In fact some of them ARE the dealers! Dat’s Oireland!

    1. cluster

      ‘Dat’s Oireland!’

      What does that mean? I suspect this is a problem faced by every single western government with restrictive drug laws.

      Even the slightly more liberal Dutch regime came about because they have Europe’s busiest cargo shipping port and airport and the cops could not enforce the law.

          1. Louis Lefronde

            Oh we know, its just the sheer cowardise of the Irish public in actually taking charge of the problem and dealing with the culprits.

  4. Jockstrap

    I went to a party years back in the Dublin 3 area. The door was guarded by a guy with a handgun inside his jacket. I was told this bloke was drugs squad. The place was full of class As. It was an intimidating scene. A mix of hardened big time dealers and regular people like me who had headed there after the Kitchen with a group of other eager middle class suckers. We left after an hour with a major case of the fear.

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