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O’Flaherty’s Bar in Buncrana, Co Donegal; email VFI members allegedly received; postmaster in Buncrana receives pint of Guinness

On Saturday night.

Gardai put an end to O’Flaherty’s Bar in Buncrana, Co Donegal’s Guinness delivery service.

They wrote on their Facebook page:

Sorry folks unfortunately tonight we were forced to stop the Guinness Express. 20mins ago we were swarmed by one undercover garda two patrol cars, one sergeant and one uniformed garda.

Despite being unable to tell us after two weeks what law we were breaking they confiscated our remaining 20 pints of Guinness (currently situated at Buncrana Garda Station).

So any pre-payments that were made we will gladly refund the payment asap if you contact this page thank you. #freethe20stout

Comment the #, and when these restrictions are lifted, one lucky customer will win a free round of 20 stout.

Attached picture [above] is the email every VFI member received for guidance on trading during this pandemic.

O’Flaherty’s (Facebook)

Last orders for ‘Guinness Express’ as gardai call time on popular Buncrana pub’s delivery service (Derry Now)

A Garda checkpoint on the N11 heading south out of Dublin last Saturday

This morning

Via The Irish Examiner:

Gardaí have invoked [covid emergency] regulations on 139 occasions, including arrests and cases where personal details have been taken for consultation with the DPP on the decision to issue charges, while pre-existing enforcement powers were also used in relation to 1,172 incidents since April 8.

These include drugs and weapons seizures, drink driving offences and public order incidents.

…From Apr 8 to May 2, there were 52 incidents of spitting and/or coughing against gardaí. Last week, this figure was reported as 31, indicating that another 21 incidents happened over the weekend.

Anti-spit guards, the controversial but legal ‘hoods’ which can be placed over assailants to protect gardaí from being coughed or spat at, have been used 28 times since Apr 8…

Man breached Covid-19 restrictions three times in one day; Regulations invoked 139 times (Kevin O’Neill, The Irish Examiner)

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A Garda checkpoint on the N7 motorway at the weekend

This lunchtime.

RTÉ’s Crime Correspondent Paul Reynolds reported:

Gardaí arrested and detained people seven times over the Easter weekend for failing to abide by strict regulations introduced to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

No one has been charged with a criminal offence as gardaí will consult with the Director of Public Prosecutions in every case before criminal proceedings are commenced.

…Garda Headquarters also said that in 144 cases where potential breaches of the regulations were suspected – such as house parties and non-essential travel – public order, assault, road traffic, and drugs legislation was used instead.

7 arrested over Easter for breaching virus restrictions (Paul Reynolds, RTÉ)

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Fine Gael TD and Minister of State for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform Patrick Donovan

This morning.

Donal O’Regan reports in the Limerick Leader

Minister Patrick O’Donovan said people flouting the HSE regulations need to “cop on”.

Whether that’s hanging around street corners, breaking the 2km rule, behaving inappropriately, having parties or whatever – these people are now breaking the law. They should be bright before the courts and held accountable,” said Minister O’Donovan.

He called on the community to “do their part and report people”.

“I know that might sound like a difficult thing to do but it is not. You need to ring the guards and you need to report them. Even if they are your neighbours you need to report them because the behaviour of some could cost the lives of others,” he said.

Ring gardai if your neighbour is flouting HSE guidelines – Limerick minister (Limerick Leader)



Odious snitch.



Stephen’s Green, Dublin 2




This morning.

South Dublin County Council tweetz:

We had an issue yesterday at one of our playgrounds where people had clearly taken down our closure signage and brought their kids in. Simply put, don’t do this and we will notify An Garda Síochána if we see this happening. Social Distancing is as important now as it has ever been.

Lock up your children.

Gardaí are to be issued with 16,000 “spit hoods” to place over suspects’ faces

This morning.

The Irish Times reports:

The plastic devices have been criticised by human rights groups in the UK – where they are widely deployed by police forces – as dangerous and degrading.

The Garda has ordered 16,000 spit hoods, which cover the entire face of the detainee and stops them spitting at, coughing on or biting officers.


Coronavirus: Gardaí to receive controversial ‘spit hoods’ during crisis ( The Irish Times)

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Pic: Hampshire Constabulary

From top: Some of the 319 newly attested members of An Garda Síochána in Templemore last week; Minister for Health Simon Harris

This afternoon.

RTÉ’s Crime Correspondent Paul Reynolds told Áine Lawlor on RTÉ’s News At One that gardai have been dispersing groups of people.

He told Ms Lawlor:

“In Dungarvan [Co Waterford], at 7.30pm on Monday night, the gardai went to a green area to break up a football game. There was about ten young people involved. One became verbally aggressive and then he coughed in the garda’s direction.

He was arrested, detained, released without charge but there’s an investigation under way. Yesterday, in Dun Laoghaire, at about 4.40pm, the gardai got a call that there was a group of youths involved in anti-social behaviour. They were directed to disperse and then one was arrested.

“Also at 5pm yesterday, the gardai were called to Maypark in Donnycarney [Dublin] where there was a large gathering. Up to 100 young people, the public order unit, which was only established a week ago, was called in.

“They were supported by gardai from Clontarf, Raheny and Ballymun. The crowd dispersed, they ran in all directions. No one was arrested.

But gardai say they’re now enforcing the new regulations, they’re actively intervening. Those who resist, cough or spit are being arrested. They say this activity could amount to an offence against the Public Order Act or the Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act.

“And, as you said yourself, the Minister for Health [Simon Harris] said this morning that he too was a victim of such an activity where a man and a woman came up and deliberately coughed at him and ran off, laughing.”

Mr Reynolds also spoke about social media “again causing problems”.

He said:

“First of all, there are a lot of young people trying to show off, thinking they’re being clever but really doing, quite frankly, stupid and dangerous things and posting them on social media. They’re gathering in groups, they’re dancing together.

“In one video, I saw, and I don’t think it’s from this country, a young girl licks a toilet seat. Now these videos are being widely circulated. Obviously, the message is that these are not to act as encouragement for anybody.

Also, people are WhatsApping and recirculating scare stories on social media. There are stories circulating of a baby being coughed at in Galway, a nurse in Dublin, a group in Bray pulling masks off older people and deliberately coughing at them.

“Now these are frightening and disturbing but the gardai say they have no received any formal reports or complaints about these incidents so these have not been verified and the gardai are asking people within information on anything like this to contact them, not to recirculate these allegations on social media but to report it directly to them.

“They say they will treat these allegations seriously, if people report them, directly to them. They will investigate them and prosecute if necessary.

“And the gardai also said in a statement this lunchtime that it’s clear public information messages are required at this time and they’ve asked the media not to inadvertently propagate social media myths or fake news at this time.”


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This evening.

Garda Info tweetz:

You think you’re having a woof day? This pup was found lost in Crumlin village by a member of the public.

It’s currently in Crumlin Garda Station keeping everyone entertained. If you own it please contact Crumlin Garda Station. Proof of ownership required.



Also: breed?

Garda passing out parade in Templemore in 2016

Sorcha Pollock, in The Irish Times, reports:

The Garda Representative Association (GRA) has called for a review of the “excessive” bleep tests used by An Garda Síochána as part of its fitness training for recruits.

The bleep test, which sees participants do a series of 20m shuttle runs between two points within a specified period of time, forms part of the force’s overall fitness test for trainees and probationers, which also includes press-ups, sit-ups and push/pull strength tests.

It is understood, according to a report first carried by The Star, that a garda was recently dismissed after failing the bleep test, while another 15 officers under probation were served with warnings after failing the test on two occasions.


Garda body criticises ‘excessive’ bleep tests for recruits (The Irish Times)

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This morning.

The Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation, assisted by officials from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, are conducting searches at seven premises in counties Roscommon, Leitrim, Sligo, Westmeath and Kilkenny.

Via Garda Press Office:

‘The searches are part of an ongoing investigation being conducted by members of The Garda National Bureau of Criminal Investigation into offences of deception pursuant to Section 6 of the Criminal Justice (Theft and Fraud) Offences Act, 2001 surrounding fraudulent practices regarding tampering of identification passports and microchips of horses presented for slaughter in this jurisdiction.

Premises searched in horse meat for export investigation  (RTE)