bikeIs this yours?

Do you lock it at Charlemont Luas?

It was Inches from being lost forever.

Until a couple of pesky kids came along…

Eoin Maguire writes:

Just helped someone stop a person seconds away from stealing a bike under Charlemont Luas Bridge [at the Grand Canal, Dublin].

Locks had been sliced through with mini angle grinder. He claimed he “lost his key” before scuttling away.

The bike is now locked at Royal Eye and Ear hospital, Adelaide Rd if the rightful owner would like to collect.

Go inside to the [hospital] porters and show that your key opens the old lock.

Kudos to Aoife who spotted it in the first place.


We’re taking back the streets.

One politely retrieved hybrid fixie at a time.


74 thoughts on “SAVED!

  1. Rob

    1. I hope owner phones the Ear + Eye Hospital to check that their bike is there. I know it would be my 1st port of call.

    2. Why cant we GPS chip our bikes? I know thieves could cut them out but chips are small and you could embed them in the frame

    3. Oh, well done!

      1. singingdetective

        Good idea on the chips. As for powering them, bikes are always outside so a small solar panel would work very well. Probably cost an extra few bob but locks don’t seem to be doing much…

    1. Colin

      You need a decent battery, sim card etc. Its pretty tricky to get that all into a frame. And the day you need it the battery will be flat. They certainly exist for motorbikes and you could adapt for bikes. But honestly, would you rather insure a bike or fork out maybe twice that for a GPS tracker?

      1. bb

        One day GPS trackers will be very cheap with batteries that last forever. They’ll be just stickers you can hide on anything.

      2. pedeyw

        I’d rather a bike thief didn’t get away with it on principle, personally. They are scum.

  2. bb

    Seriously awesome work!

    Revolt against the revolting bike thieves, people.

    I have found shouting very loudly at scallywags pulling at bikes often scares them off. I don’t like being aggressive but they do make me angry.

  3. Tommy

    Right on Eoin fair play to you for putting a stop to that. Good honest citizenry in action!

  4. moman

    Good work.

    I spotted a guy stealing a bike at Christchurch and didn’t have the balls to do anything. I was with my two young kids and he was honestly fairly fierce looking- looked around for a Garda but none around and he was done and gone in 1 minute. Am I a bad person?

    1. cluster

      Only a little bit.

      Maybe the next time, the shame you feel now will spur you into action.

      1. Mani

        Yes, and on the plus side, should the skanger kill you, one of your kids has a fairly healthy chance of becoming Batman.

        1. poopypoo

          No the Batman situation arises when it’s 2 parents 1 kid and both parents get killed, not 1 parent 2 kids.

          Odd are the kid would end up becoming Aquaman or someone of that ilk.

          As an aside Aquaman should really move to Ireland with all the water and stuff. Can someone get him a working visa?

          1. Parp

            Batman wishes he was Aquaman. I was gonna say in the same league as has him, but well, you know…

            Arthur is a legend.

  5. Optimus Grime

    How does one purchase a “pocket” angle grinder?

    “Shopkeep! I wish to purchase a tool for grinding angles yet it must be small enough to carry about in one’s pocket for reasons only know to myself!”

  6. dublinentendre

    Thing to do is watch a bike that is badly locked – record them nicking it – follow them to their lock-up – ring the Gardai. Could find 10-20 bikes in it at the one time. Bust and map the lock-ups and the thieves. Put them on a website.

  7. Dongle

    You should have wrapped a U-lock around his neck and bolted him to the nearest pole.

    Oh, well done.

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