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Tom writes:

I know you don’t normally do this but this bicycle was stolen from Broadstone/Phibsborough last night.

It is a fairly distinctive triple tandem bicycle made by Thorn Cycles. We’ve been using lately to exercise the kids during social distancing.

It is quite hard to miss so if anybody sees it please get in touch or indeed contact your local Gardaí. Thanks.


This morning.

Daniel Matthews writes:

Found a pair of glasses that dropped out of a cyclist’s backpack. I Was cycling past the petrol station on the Merrion Road [Dublin 4] just after the rail crossing at around 8:40 this morning.

The glasses dropped out of bag from cyclist directly ahead of me. By the time I stopped and went back to get the glasses he had disappeared into the distance heading toward Blackrock [County Dublin].


Conor O’Carroll writes:

Shot in the dark here but my gym bag was stolen today around Leeson Street [Dublin 2] area.

It’s a grey Under Armour backpack (as above_. No CCTV in the gym where it was taken from so I’ve no idea who took it, only that it happened between 7:45-8:30 this morning.

In the bag were two pieces of jewellery: One a silver chain bearing the name ‘Declan’ and the other a gold ring with my family crest (above) on it.

The chain belonged to my Uncle who died 20+ years ago, the ring was a present from my parents. Both have huge sentimental value and simply can’t be replaced. My black secrid wallet and watch were in there too but I can replace those, the jewellery can’t be.

Any help appreciated as I’m absolutely gutted about this.


Ah here.


Also: sturdy chain tbf.