And Justice For All



After Clare Daly and other United Left Alliance TDs named people who had their penalty points quashed in the Dáil last December, a series of public meetings were held in the Red Cow Moran Hotel.

Members of the public who had concerns about garda practices were invited to attend the meetings and tell of their concerns.

Following on from the response to these meetings, Ms Daly, Joan Collins, Mick Wallace and Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan founded a group called Justice For All.

Justice4All will hold a protest will take place outside Tullamore Garda Station from 12 noon to 3pm today.

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Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland


Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan spoke to Midlands 103FM earlier, to explain why the protest is taking place in Tullamore.

He said:

“Our offices have been contacted by more people from this general area than any other area so we thought that it would be an appropriate garda station to hold the protest outside. And this isn’t about having a go at guards. This is about trying to bring about accountability so that the majority of good, decent, hard-working gardaí can actually get on with their job.”

Justice4All To Hold Tullamore Garda Station Protest (Midlands 103FM)

35 thoughts on “And Justice For All

  1. Medium Sized C

    Well at least it isn’t outside Leinster house.

    Also, its penalty points.
    Shove your metallica album up yer arses. Wasters.

    1. cluster

      Neither Ming nor Clare would be my favourite politicians but I think they are doing something very constructive here.

      If the perception exists that there is one rule for the well-connected and another for the rest, then that is extremely damaging to our democracy and to any sense of civic pride. Ming & Clare are tackling the issue head on.

      1. Rob

        Jaysus but ofcourse the perception exists and so does the “one rule for them ……..” So what? These spoofers are just blowing hot air.

        1. paul

          So what they’re talking about does exist. but you have no problem with it. Good for you.

          But how then does talking about (a real issue) and highlighting these problems of democracy equal “blowing hot air”

    1. Clampers Outside!

      Ulrich’s drum work was repetitive and bordered on boring at times on that album. It was mediocre with a couple of good tracks at best…. it’s not one I dig up and play again with any enthusiasm, just sayin’.

  2. ahjayzis

    Can only be healthy I reckon.

    Overall I’ve a positive view of the Gardaí but I’ve always felt they’re treated with a little too much deference, that can go to an organisations head.

    1. ivan

      His hypocrisy on the issue is relevant, but shouldn’t distract from the general thrust of the argument; the Gardai appear to be acting as a quasi judiciary, in striking off points, using a process that’s accountable to nobody really.

      Ming took advantage of it. I can’t, and won’t, justify that; if the ‘system’ wasn’t there for him (and plenty of others) to take advantage of, then we’d probably be a lot better off.

  3. Supercrazyprices

    The Garda Siochana is far too political and riddled with corruption. It should be disbanded and replaced with municipal forces for each province and one for Dublin.

  4. Jackdaw

    What utter rubbish. A pack of loonies trying to justify their existence whilst grinding their personal axes. The Gardai do outstanding work and have the support of the overwhelming majority of the public. Could any of these geniuses name one Police force that the Gardai should model themselves on?? I very much doubt it!

    1. pedeyw

      A pack of democratically elected loonies attempting to force some well needed reform with the small amount of power they have. How is examining flaws and pushing for reform ever a bad thing?

    2. ahjayzis

      I agree the Gardai DO do outstanding work and have the support of the overwhelming majority of the public. But not all the public. They’ve fupped up in the past and doing 99.9% of things right doesn’t give you carte blanche to get the .1% wrong.

      If they’ve nothing to hide, the very least groups like this do is keep them honest. The Minister doesn’t perform this role, he’s either in the commissioners pocket or vice versa.

      Your tone suggests that institutional deference and reverence I mentioned earlier, which we’ve seen far too often in Ireland. No organisation is perfect and above critique. If you’re right and they’re a model force, what you worried about?

      1. Jackdaw

        So by your own admission getting something 99.9% right isn’t good enough. I have already felt that the Gardai have always been on a hiding to nothing in this country. I suppose it’s seen as part of the job. I agree completely with the sentiment of your last paragraph however the point I want to reinforce is that we are very well served by the Gardai and I would have concerns by the motivation of these people. Ming who has unbelievably called them “a corrupt organisation” and Wallace who has swindled us all (ie the State) of millions.

        1. ahjayzis

          Well the 0.1% might be fine with you until your family deal are in it’s crossfires.

          The penalty points issue does stink of corruption though. And there have been tribunals and proven cases of corruption. It exists in the force, however small. And history shows that the more you blindly trust an organisation to stay pure, the more the corruption festers.

          Hey, I’m not saying their bad points outweigh their good, but zero tolerance of abuse of power is the watchword, and an independent citizens watchdog sounds good to me.

          You can argue the TD’s secret motives, but the principle is sound IMO.

  5. Integrity Ireland

    The problem is far bigger, and goes much deeper than most people realise: Endemic corruption and cronyism is at the heart of all of our social problems – especially when it becomes established in the institutions we trust to uphold the law and the constitution.

    Integrity Ireland; Citizens for Justice, Transparency & Accountability is trying to make a difference. All help, support and constructive advice is welcomed.

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