Extreme Canvassing



Everyone stay cool.

Anon writes:

“This video shows an incident that involves the bullying of members of Labour in Tallaght [Dublin] yesterday afternoon. The crew [doing the bullying] are [allegedly] aligned to the socialists and Sinn Féin in an anonymous way to bully, harass and interfere with the democratic process.
In fact this sort of harassment and bullying is also [allegedly] happening online [allegedly] from certain members of Sinn Féin, particularly in Dublin west. Thanks, a very concerned citizen in Dublin west…”


UPDATE: The people in the video are not representing Sinn Fein or the Socialist Party [see comments}.



233 thoughts on “Extreme Canvassing

    1. StabiloBoss

      Sinn Fein will not get a vote from me. The couple in this video are harassing the Labour Candidate. pure s***

      1. Clean politics

        They are no where near changed, as their clean and delighting candidates might suggest.

        The bullying and harassment is actually policy.

      2. Rob

        ‘Anon’ on the internet says it was Sinn Fein, so it has to be Sinn Fein? Anon, who is sticking up for the Labour candidates, has a quite obvious motive for pointing the finger at the Shinners. Seriously, don’t let people spoon feed you so easily.

        1. Medium Sized C

          Rob, is that you Rob?
          Or is it Rob? or Rob?

          What is this motive?
          What is obvious about it?
          If Anon is anonymous, instead of being the nominatively unique Rob, how can this be so obvious?

          1. Rob

            I didn’t give anyone any new information. Just suggested they question what’s being put in front of them before they swallow it.

      3. John

        Seriously, I expected better from broadsheet.ie. This is Irish Independent level stuff.
        It’s pretty clear from his facebook page that he is neither a Sinn Fein member nor does he support the party. At least one of his pictures attempts to make a mockery of Sinn Fein and another makes reference to the 32 county sovereignty movement.

        1. Medium Sized C

          The added the “allegedly” bits.

          That is how journalism is done, basically everywhere.

    2. Mé Féin

      I had to watch it twice. How do we know it was Sinn Féin?
      As for that woman running, if she can’t stand the heat….. Politicians have seriously effed up the country. They deserve all the abuse given.

        1. Jess

          What makes you think it’s them? The guy has republican imagery on his face book so it’s likely not them.

          And since when does the swp need a front. Their self publicists who latch on to others causes and drown it out

      1. Nigel

        And this is how we’re going to get decent honest politicians in the system? Aren’t we already replete with the sort of cute hoors with brass necks who can shrug this stuff off?

      2. Sidewinder

        She’s a first time local candidate. What responsibility does she bare for national policy?

  1. Jasper K

    I’d be the first to say anyone in politics should have some extra thick skin , but this is just wrong.

  2. ReproBertie

    I’d happily vote Labour just to annoy the “Labour Traitors” and the “keep out of this estate” idiots.

    1. jungleman

      Yeah and he names the fella they were harrassing under the video, as if to invite others to get involved in the bullying. The fact that he put the video up just goes to show he doesn’t understand the simple concept of civilised democracy.. The woman they harrassed was visibly shaken and yet they just carried on at her. Disgusting people.

      1. Rob

        I find it strange that people think that politicians like this deserve to be treated with kid gloves. There are people in the ground because of the cuts to health they presided over. It’s no joke – these people are responsible for wrecking lives and they’ve a brass neck going into hardest hit areas begging for votes. They should be ran out at the point of a pike.

        1. Medium Sized C

          She is a local election candidate.
          This is her first tilt at politics.
          She didn’t preside over anything.

          “These people” aren’t actually responsible for wrecking lives.
          Other people are, but they will take the blame because of sheep-people like you.

          You are advocating violence and harassment against someone because of the badge on a poster.

          You suck.

          1. ferg

            Well said Medium.
            Some people don’t understand democratic values and their value in society.

          2. Mé Féin

            Cop out.
            It may be her first attempt at politics but she is a member of the party that is hitting the least well off hardest. Despite our votes for personalities, it is party policy that rules. Labour is actually responsible for this mess. They campaigned the last time with a specific set of proposals like “Labour’s way or Frankfurt’s way” and broke all their promises as soon as they got in. It is a damn sight more than “a badge on a poster.” That candidate is now feeling the heat.

          3. Nigel

            It’s as if past crimes and historical injustices can be used as a populist, rabble-rousing justification for the shittiest most deplorable of actions so that brutal anti-democratic activities can be made palatable through sheer rhetoric. Doesn’t sound Sinn Feinish at all!

          4. Rob

            Cop onto yourself – she’s in the Labour Party. And what the Labour Party have been and still are doing to people is far, far more serious than these canvassers being told where to go. Smashed families, working class kids being given a pathetic excuse for an education, emigration and a legacy of debt that will last decades into the future, people dying on waiting lists… This whole, ‘that’s not a very nice way to behave!’ attitude is ridiculous. Why the fupp should politicians be insulated from the consequences of their decisions? Fupp them. They’re wrecking lives. Hopefully the anger on the streets bubbling over in this way will bring the seriousness of what is being done to the people of this country home to the government.

          5. Nigel

            This is pretty much the worse way to use that anger constructively. There is also a massive excluded middle between treating them nicely and this carry on. About the only good thing to come from it would be turning people against the idiots responsible, but you’re still making politic a hostile, horrible place for new faces and new voices and entrenching people with firmly rooted power bases, the very people you loathe but can’t touch with nonsense like this.

        2. jungleman

          They have a right to canvass in those areas. If people don’t agree with them, all they need do is say “No thanks, not interested” or else have a civilised discussion on where they disagree with their policies, failures, etc. That is vastly different from chasing a woman around an estate, verbally abusing her to the point where she is visibly shaken and on the verge of tears, and then to continue to harass her. If you endorse this kind of carry-on, you don’t deserve to have a vote.

          1. Mé Féin

            She’s an amateur and a cry baby. A seasoned politician would have handled that better.

          2. B Bop

            Can we take the party politics out of this & see it for what it is – absolute despicable scum behaviour with no control over their ignorant & indecent anger.
            At least this would-be politician is working at being proactive for her community, rather admirable in the face of this local vitriol.
            I warrant this other pair are non achievers.

          3. jungleman

            Well if you have a look at the FB link above they appear to have achieved a comfy enough life, including foreign holidays..

        3. Clampers Outside!

          As Jules Winnfield might say “Say ‘these people’ again. Say ‘these people’ again, I dare you, I double dare you mothersucker, say ‘these people’ one more Goddamn time!”

          These people, my eye!

        4. Nigel

          This approach will literally discourage new, young, honest decent people from getting into politics and ensure the entrenchment of the people you’re bitching about. If no-one new can get a look in, then it’s the ones with established bases that will stay firmly rooted, both in parties and out, in power or opposition.

          1. Mé Féin

            We don’t know if she is “honest” or “decent.” However it’s fair to assume she is not if she’s a politician.

          2. Nigel

            Ahh, that’s the kind of lazy cynicism that will keep the FG/FF roundabout going for a few more years.

        5. Sidewinder

          Not yelling at people on the street and hitting them is not being treated with kid gloves. It’s standard procedure in a civilised society.

          I’ve never voted labour and never will but this is BS. No-one should be treated like that.

        6. Sidewinder

          Also it’s a local election. She’s running in an area that has been hard hit. Where else is she supposed to canvass?

    2. Oisin

      Can’t see any proof he is a shinner. I certainly don’t know him and we have no mutual friends on fb.

      He is seemingly a member of Dublin Says No which has nothing to do with SF and vice versa.

  3. ReproBertie

    I wonder is this incident related:

    Labour’s Emer Costello, hesitantly, starts to talk about an incident outside Croke Park on Sunday when half a dozen men and women “encircled” them, wielding cameras uncomfortably close to their faces and screaming abuse.
    “They were quite physically threatening… It was very intimidating, it was bullying. I was petrified…That’s not democracy”.
    It continued for about 20 minutes. “I had to leave the canvass at that stage and go into the ground.”
    It’s clear that her canvassers are still shaken. One young woman gives her name, then changes her mind – “I really don’t want them to know who I am,” she says nervously.


      1. Mister Mister

        Because he’s not as brave as he likes to think when it’s not a young lady he’s abusing ?

    1. Durt

      I witnessed this in person on Sunday it was a disgrace. Several other canvasers were getting dogs abuse outside Croke park, from what I heard they were socialist part or sinn fein supporters. Same crap being spouted from this video

  4. droid

    What is a canvasser other than a person with a license to politically harass people in their own homes?

    1. Mister Mister

      So knocking on the door and asking for a minute, to which you can say no or just not answer the door, is harassment ? Aren’t you precious.

      1. Mé Féin

        I had a canvasser knock on my door and tell me to wait for a local councilor to grace me with his presence. That’s a waste of my time and insulting. I shut the door in his face.

        1. Sidewinder

          Which you are entitled to do. And she’s entitled to walk a away from these people and yet they won’t let her. Imagine if the candidate had shoved a foot in your door?

    2. Mikeyfex

      If you’re greeted with that tone and that contempt when you answer the door to a canvasser, droid, report it.

        1. TheSmallFella

          Thoroughly appropriate and articulate argument all the way through your contributions here, Droid, it makes for a useful read. Sad that people aspire to the acceptance of politicians’ promises like my children aspire to the tooth fairy’s bounty. It is only when we break the habit by dissent that people may once again engage in political democracy. I seem to have too many examples from which to choose but to take one of Gene Kerrigan’s recents arguments, to hear Ruairi Quinn cast a cloak over his lack of democracy by stating that we are no longer in that space (i.e. the space where he promised to behave democratically) does not inspire a belief in me that Irish politics requires the electorate to be polite and thus afford everyone the opportunity to speak. Why not some more and more suppression of lies on the ground by hounding all Fine-Lab-Fail candidates? Why not see if forcing young candidates to promise to resign on the spot should they breech even one of their stated and vote-seeking promises will encourage greater civility on their part by keeping their word? Government candidates are the Frankenstein monster and we must become the angry mob chasing them through the night until we corner them and extract the civility of truth from them. Until that time, please no more crocodile tears for harassed government candidates as there are enough real tears out there.

          1. TheSmallFella

            that last line should have been prefaced with ‘to those who have voiced’ this torrent of croc tears, i.e. not aimed at you, Droid

          2. ReproBertie

            The electorate should be an angry mob enforcing civility through harrassment?

            We’re free to vote for any candidate we choose. We’re equally free to vote against them if they let us down. Neither option requires the use of an angry mob.

            Irony warning:
            the acceptance of politicians’ promises like my children aspire to the tooth fairy’s bounty.

            forcing young candidates to promise to resign on the spot

          1. droid

            Ha, good one smooth. Very perceptive. What’s an IQ like yours doing in a place like this?

          2. droid

            Yeah, thats him. Hes a fine gael gobshite drafted into my constituency. Had a pretty funny conversation with him a few years back when I literally couldn’t get him to leave. He’d walk to the gate and then come back with another point. Kinda funny actually.

          3. droid

            If Edna is sitting on him, then Bill is achieving the hitherto impossible act of having his head up two arses at the same time.

          4. cccc

            Bill Tormey is the foolish muppet who squared off against David Walsh on behalf of Stephen Roche on the late late show about 10 years ago.

          5. Medium Sized C

            Droid, it is a reference to the internal political divisions historically present in the Fine Gael party.

            I wonder if it was wasted on you.

          6. droid

            Though obviously, I wouldn’t have expected subtle commentary on internal Fine Gael politics from someone who doesn’t even recognise the name of one of its most high profile and longstanding loudmouths.

  5. Unbeleliever

    Sinn Fein bullying !!!!

    Can’t be true . Shure & begorrah they have no history of involvement in intimidation and violence

    1. Whattheyreallymean

      Ah shut up and join and the peace process. That old guff about the past is spouted by politicians who don’t want to debate SF on the issues of this century. It’s pathetic distracted peddled by spin doctors and regurgitated by fools.

      1. Continuity Annie-Mae

        tell them to give up all the arms they have closeted away in the south and talks might begin

      2. Clampers Outside!

        Sinn Fein debate issues of this century….. waaaaaahahaha!

        They couldn’t wipe their own arses with a payslip never mind manage a struggling economy.

        Remember Gerry’s dithering on ‘that’ debate on RTE not so long ago? When questioned on tax, it was dead air. They haven’t a feckin’ clue!

        1. Oisin

          Do you mean the one that he wasn’t great on about 7 fupping years ago when he wasn’t elected in the state and then everyone went out and voted for economic geniuses Fianna Fáil?

          Good one.

          1. Lixy

            Great to see the shinners keeping alive the time-honoured national socialist electoral tactics

  6. ZeligIsJaded

    Where is this Jobstown?

    Seems thoroughly uncivilised.

    These troglodytes really shouldn’t be allowed to vote at all.

    God knows what could happen

    1. PK

      it’s pronounced “Jowbstown” as in book of Job…

      I thought he was taking the pi55 with the comment about anyone from Jobstown supporting Labour

  7. Willie Banjo

    Where is the evidence that this guy is a Shinner? Could be Eirigi….it’s their style.

  8. Clean politics

    Not only does he appear to be a Sinn feiner, he is also listed as demonstrating with the socialist party in this link.


    The socialists and the shinners talk about new politics, but they are always the ones who engage in dirty vindictive politics. It is never their candidates that do it, but the toerags who surround them.

    Have we learned nothing from the death of Shane McEntee in regard to online bullying and harassment?

    1. Willie Banjo

      “Not only does he appear to be a Sinn feiner, he is also listed as demonstrating with the socialist party in this link”.

      There’s nothing in that to link him to The Socialist Party or Sinn Fein. ASTI are on that march too, is he a teacher?

      The guys obviously an extremist but it’s interesting that Labour is trying to tie him in with the two greatest threats to them in Dublin.

      Nice handle by the way…Clean Politics.

  9. ollie

    Labour party candidate rattling on about democracy? I don’t see much evidence of the democratic process with the current government.

    1. Medium Sized C

      They were elected by the people to do their jobs.
      We have had 6 referenda since they took office.
      What do you understand democracy to mean?

        1. Medium Sized C

          Free Burgers? Evidenced-based policy decisions?
          Greater tax-breaks for craft beer?

          You are mixing up democracy with stuff you want.

          1. droid

            Eh, no. They are actually fundamental tenets of a properly functioning democratic system, which begs the question…

          2. Medium Sized C

            Then there are no functioning democracies anywhere.
            As a result fully functioning democracies do not exist, and we default back to it being about all citizens getting a vote.

          3. droid

            Sure there are. Problem is that people seem to think that democracy is some binary state of being, something you are if there is a vote of some kind, or aren’t if there is no vote.

            The fact is democracy is a measurable quality, and the aspects I mentioned above are fundamental to pushing a state up the sliding scale to ‘fully funcitonal’.

          4. Sidewinder

            Where is this gavelled land droid? Perhaps all the broadsheeters could get together and charter a plane there?

          5. smoothlikemurphys

            Problem is that people seem to think that democracy is some binary state of being SOME people think THEIR thoughts on what a democracy is or isn’t are the only valid ones.

          6. droid

            Youre not too great on this ‘commenting’ thing are you? (Or this ‘thinking’ thing by the looks of it).

          7. Medium Sized C

            Democracy has a definition.

            You can have transparency in a dictatorship.
            “I am putting all my opponents in jail because they oppose me.”

            You certainly have commitment to stated principles in a dictatorship.
            “I will not accept opposition”

            Accountability is built into the democratic process.
            “I didn’t like what you did these last few years I’m not voting for you.”

          8. droid

            Sure, just ignore decades of international research, standards, accepted benchmarks and measurements in favour of feeble facetiousness.

            I expected better TBH.

          9. droid

            “Democracy has a definition”

            Is this it?

            “a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.”

            Yknow, the one that would class Iraq under Saddam Hussein, or a society or a state which excludes everyone but landowning gentlemen from the vote as democratic?

          10. Medium Sized C

            You expected me to drop tools and agree with you.
            It won’t happen, particularly if you dismiss my argument with accusations of facetiousness.

            All the research in the world will not make Democracy as a concept become an aggregation of entirely different concepts.
            I reject any suggestion that it does.

          11. droid

            Smooth, if thats all you have to offer, could you at least come up with some puns, maybe a bit of alliteration?

          12. droid

            Your argument is facetious, and I dont really care if you agree with me, but suggesting that the only criteria to measure democracy is whether or not there is an election every 5 years is… well Ive already pointed out the obvious flaws in that line of thinking.

            But yeah, who needs all this fancy ‘research’ and ‘analysis’. Ive got my absolutist idea of democracy which in no way contains or interacts with any other political and social concepts – and thats all that matters.

          13. Medium Sized C

            For someone who doesn’t care if I agree you are doing a fairly heavy job of trying to make me agree.

        2. smoothlikemurphys

          I suppose Sinn Fein always did have a good track record when it came to ensuring their threats were acted upon.

          1. cluster

            What exactly are you trying to prove with this link, droid? Apart from the fact that these are not peer-reviewed published papers, some of the criteria and certainly how they are applied are open for debate

            All that being said, they seem to hsve made great efforts to develop a broad, all-encompassibg framework, The Irish country report paints a picture of a democracy, functioning at a level quite close (but a little lower) than the mean of their core/blueprint democracies. On sone categories it performs particularly well. The score improved significantly with economic growth and has faltered a little in the recession (which raises methodological questions of their own).

            Tldr – your link does not prove your point.

          2. droid

            Well actually my point in this case is simply that democracy is not a state of being, it is a process, the qualities of which are measurable based on certain criteria. This is a truism of course, otherwise every country with elections, from Russia and Saudi Arabia, to Norway, would be considered to be identical in democratic terms.

            Regarding the efficacy of one set of standards over another, sure that’s open to debate, but there are several universals… representation, access to democratic institutions, transparency, accountability, separation of powers, constitutional rights etc.

            So you may have missed the point completely, but you’re right to highlight the fact that on many of these scales, Ireland has performed reasonably well, generally about average for Western nations. I would argue that the broad strokes of many of these studies and the absence of various detailed criteria and factors hides the true democratic deficit, but that’s another discussion.

      1. Rob

        They were elected in order to carry out a number of promises they made. They broke them all. That’s not that much different from fraud.

    1. Whattheyreallymean

      Tallaght is a big place with 100,000 population. There’s everything from well healed to social welfare recipients living in that area. Not all fit into the Irish petty snob’s notion of someone whose father isn’t a mediocre middle manager.

    1. Durt

      Due to a change of address, the last time I had to vote I had to to go to Ballycragh even though I was living in Rathfarnham (the horror) but you’d want to see the Sinn Fein heavies loitering around the school

  10. munkifisht

    In the words of Alan Partridge “Scum, subhuman scum” as is anyone who condones this type of behaviour. We have a democratic process that does not include intimidation. A look at this guys Facebook friends list sheds no surprises, his friends list looks like a who’s who of IRA supporters, but I did smirk when I saw a picture that says “Stop this attack on Democracy” in relation to the Seanad vote.

    1. scottser

      well, we have a democratic process that intimidates, infiltrates and undermines any opposition. just to be clear, like.

  11. ineverthoughtidenduphere

    The only pity this not a Fianna fail candidate. “This is a democracy ” sure is… I’ll just run away when i don’t like the questions or the response from people, I am trying to grease for a vote , whether it’s shinners or not is irrelevant, If you knock on peoples doors be prepared for what you hear, whether you like it or not.

    1. Medium Sized C

      What question is she running from?
      I see people insulting and harassing her.

      Then demanding she go independant to stop the harassment.
      That’s actually an attack on her right of free association which is enshrined in our constitution.

      Who’s door is this?

      1. Dan

        I was all ready to write up a long winded and detailed reply as to why this is counter productive for all of us within this democracy. But there’s no need, Medium Sized C, you’re handling things more than adequately. Thank you.

          1. Sidewinder

            No question features in the video which, by the looks of things, has had the start of it edited out. Also saw a screenshot of him on fb commenting on her arse shape but no questions on her politics.

    2. neil

      A canvasser is perfectly entitled to walk away, then the person disagreeing with them can decide to vote against them, tell all their friends etc. Following them down the road when they’re clearly frightened is obviously intimidation and harassment.

      1. ineverthoughtidenduphere

        Or maybe the should stand their ground, answer the questions, diffuse these tactics and show why they actually might be worth a vote.

        1. ReproBertie

          Yes, I’m sure that “Labour Traitor, run as an independent” idiot would be only to happy to shut up and listen to her answer and might even consider her worth a vote based on her response. They might even give their permission to come back into the estate which they seem to think they have the authority to ban people from.

          1. ineverthoughtidenduphere

            They only thing that you can be sure of is that she played into their video tactics.

          2. ReproBertie

            Luckily for her the video seems to be backfiring on them and getting her a lot of support due to their bullying, intimidating tactics.

            I’d say FF are going to be sending canvassers with camera crews to call at their door any day now in the hopes of a similar tirade.

          1. Nigel

            Clearly the candidate failed this sure-fire test of their legislative skill and administrative abilities.

          1. ineverthoughtidenduphere

            Ah Medium… Well, it’s in a estate as witnessed by the end exit… we can see numerous doors in the video. Canvassers and politicians don’t go into a estate and walk around in circles without knocking on a door when looking for a vote. It’s a fairly safe assumption they were doing this and annoyed the hive. It’s their prerogative. They all seem to know of each other, one person says you “didn’t answer my questions?”, blocked me from your page blah.. which seem to have been asked on-line, the only other clear question that was asked “what are labour party doing for working people?”

          2. Sidewinder

            I’m pretty sure they said “after what labour have done to working people”. Don’t think there was a question mark in the whole transcript. And would you stop at a door with those people following you? Hardly fair on the person who answers the door. And she does stop and give a leaflet to the woman with the pram who is apparently part of the “hive” as you put it and who then sticks up for the candidate.

          1. ineverthoughtidenduphere

            Well you should recheck your pretty sureness-ed and watch again and pay attention, because he actually says “What are labour doing?, What are labour doing to the working class people?” It’s a question, and yes if i was in politics I would stop and engage in some “healthy debate” with this people.

  12. Gerard

    I didn’t like the way the zip tie on the pole was sticking out at eye level. Could take some politician’s eye out!

  13. Optimus Grime

    I found it a stunning investigation into enunciation and elocution!

    The above demonstrates how Sinn Fein managed to get a foothold in Louth. They basically “cleaned up” some of the rougher estates in Dundalk through fear and intimidation then got all the people in those estates to vote for them thus the reason Gerry Adams “The King of Louth” has the letters TD after his name.

  14. Frilly Keane Airport

    “You keep out of this estate”

    (at the end of the clip) is probably a breech of election rules n orders stuff

    Are they Shinners or Eirigies?

  15. johnthebaptist

    I’m all for sagging the Shinners whenever the opportunity presents itself, but to be fair just because he’s a SF member, or a Socialist Party member doesnt mean that either of those groups would’ve supported this or condone it.

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      And by that same rationale, her being a member of the Labour party doesn’t mean she historically supports or condones decisions or actions made by them, and shouldn’t be harassed for it.

      1. Mé Féin

        Are you for real? If she joins a party, she should be able to defend/explain/whatever party policy. We live in a party system here, not a personality system.
        While not a contact sport, politics can be rough. She needs to be able to stand her ground and explain why Labour is doing what it’s doing.

        1. smoothlikemurphys

          As mentioned above – There’s no reasoning with people like the ones doing the filming. Shouting ‘Labour traitor’ at someone repeatedly and following them down the street isn’t an invitation for debate.

  16. ScaryLady

    Appalling behaviour, but no more than you’d expect from Sinn Féin supporters. Never forget what their history is – democracy is anathema to them.

  17. Anne

    Well thanks for making it easy for me to decide you Shinner *anchors.

    If you are pushing for Independents, I will vote for anyone other than an Independent and any party other than you lot.

    Any chance you could help me with the wallpaper for the downstair loo too please?

    1. martco

      thanks Anne,
      but I have a clever plan you see to disguise my premeditated reaction to any potential party political doorstepping attempt as a bit of banking fraud hence rendering the crime un-punishable in any meaningful way

      plus my dad sent me to the right school

      1. smoothlikemurphys

        “plus my dad sent me to the right school”

        Unlikely, if you have your own claw hammer.

  18. Whattheyreallymean

    Loads of balls. Sinn Fein don’t need to bully anyone. That area is already theirs for the taking.

    It’s just Irish dirty tactics to make the left look crazy and implicate people without proof of where their allegiances are. Expect all sorts of lies and spin over the next few weeks to make SF out to be monsters.

    Every time it looks like SF are gaining ground, the centre right and our fake Labour party ramp up lies and made up stories because they are so fearful of the cushy little cartels being disbanded.

    1. Bacchus

      “Expect all sorts of lies and spin over the next few weeks to make SF out to be monsters.”

      there’s decades of FACTS that show them for what they really. It would be kind to describe them as monsters and very wrong to call them democratic. And no I won’t be voting FF/FG/Lab either….

  19. TheSmallFella

    I write this as a Labour supporter of 31 years (until January 2012) that while troubling to see a young woman in tears I have witnessed far more and sustained tears amongst communities and I warmly approve of this method of democratic protest because it is all that remains to us when we are disenfranchised by having our politicians promise us one thing and immediately do something different upon election – we need more of this type protest – just like the teacher with the megaphone – or the politicians will think that we the electorate are willing to forget and forgive the pain they cause daily.

    1. ReproBertie

      So when we’ve bullyed all the politicians into staying away from politics and staying away from the estates we don’t want them in who will run the country?

      1. Mé Féin

        Get off your high horse. If politicians eff people over, they deserve to be challenged. Calling it “bullying” is an attempt to stifle dissent.

        1. ReproBertie

          How has she effed people over exactly? She’s a first time candidate running for a county council seat.

          “Labour traitor” “Run as an independent” “Stay out of this estate”. Not bullying at all but an attempt to engage in political discourse, right?

          1. Mé Féin

            How has she effed people over exactly? She’s a first time candidate running for a county council seat.
            She’s a member of Labour which has continued policies of austerity. Where have you been the last few years? Doesn’t matter is she’s first time. She is being elected to implement Labour policies.

            “Labour traitor” “Run as an independent” “Stay out of this estate”. Not bullying at all but an attempt to engage in political discourse, right?
            No, not bullying. Unpleasant, but she should have stood her ground. Running away and crying means she is not cut out for politics. She should have expected abuse given Labour’s record in govt. The fact she didn’t means she is naive.

          2. Sidewinder

            In running for election you do not forfeit your right to feel safe. A politician is not an acceptable target for unacceptable behaviour.

          3. ReproBertie

            Of course it’s bullying. Politics is not about taking verbal abuse in the street. It’s not about having a bully shove a camera in your face and follow you around abusing you.

            By your rationale all Sinn Féin candidates can expect to be held responsible for the disappeared. Good to know.

            Where I’ve been for the last few years is been living in a broke country with a government that didn’t decide on austerity as a bit of a laugh but because FF tied us to a massive debt then ran off with their pensions. Unfortunately shouting “Labour traitor” won’t magically remove the debt and leave the country solvent. I don’t like the policies but, being a grown up, I don’t express my dislike in the bullying, intimidating manner of the people in the video.

          4. Nigel

            ‘Running away and crying means she is not cut out for politics.’

            And this is how democracy works for Sinn Fein?

        2. smoothlikemurphys

          “Calling it “bullying” is an attempt to stifle dissent.”

          And calling it Dissent is an attempt to make excuses for harassment.

        3. Nigel

          Actually, I’m pretty sure that calling bullying an acceptable way to challenge policies is a great way to stifle dissent.

      2. ABM's bloody underwear

        The people who the bullies support. Then you better watch out because stepping out of line will catch you a helluva beating.

    2. Nigel

      ‘because it is all that remains to us ‘

      Yes, the two primary modes of engagement with politics are furious cynical sulks and screaming incoherent abuse. Naturally, we get the politicians we deserve.

  20. PK

    “at the end of the video her brother makes reference to our daughter Shannon which we found to be very sinister…”

    LOL – yeah, that’s really sinister

    1. Mé Féin

      Looks more and more like a family feud. They know each others kids and yer wan has a big arse. Although it’s a great way for Labour to avoid talking about the issues :)

      1. ReproBertie

        Maybe those bullying her should have made it about “the issues” and not comparative arse size and who is allowed go where.

          1. ReproBertie

            What has the size of her arse got to do with Labour’s policies? How is that not bullying?

            Oh of course, she should have expected her physical appearance to be a source of abuse because she entered politics, right?

        1. scottser

          i must admit to being far more interested in women’s arse sizes than the political issues of the day.

      1. cluster

        Following you responses, Me Fein (not sure how to put on fadas on my phone), I am bemused.

        Disliking, even detesting Labour and their record is fair enough, but chasing a young county council candidate out if an estate and harassing her is anti-democratic. Worse, it is self-defeating. It plays right into the hands of establishment politicians because it allows their opponents to be painted as nasty loons.

        1. Mé Féin

          I didn’t condone the treatment. I just said she shouldn’t have run and cried. Politics is dirty. Besides, Labour has stirred up a lot of anger. Candidates need to be ready for that.
          (On a lot of Androids if you hold the letter down a beautiful selection of accents will appear. Does French and Czech c’s and all).

  21. Whattheyreallymean

    Gullible fools falling for spin lies and fake comments most likely from young Fine Gaelers and Labour west wing wannabies.

    Everyone gives out about the FG/Lab government but when an alternative comes along, they throw rocks at it. Idiots deserve the thrashing they get from harsh taxes and cut backs if they keep voting the same shower of c**t in over and over again.

    1. ReproBertie

      Instead of trying to appear all wise and smarter than the average voter can you not be a bit clearer? Which comments are fake? What’s the alternative to FG/Lab that people are throwing stones at? Do you really think that people who think this bullying, intimidating harassment is unacceptable behaviour are all FG/Lab lackeys?

    2. cluster

      These guys are the alternative? Does one really have to be a young FGer or wannabe to be turned off by this sort of behaviour?

      Interesting how you criticise taxes and cuts in the same breath. Long term, getting beyond our current difficulties, you need to set out a vision for how to achieve the society you want. Personally, I’d like well-funded universal services and I am willing to pay a reasonable share of taxes to contribute. The likes of LPT seem eminently fair to me.

  22. Frilly Keane Airport

    Broadsheet, if I may,
    Is there any chance ye could contact the respective campaign hqs/ directors of elections etc, and seek a statement from them about this?

    Twould, afaic, elevate this thread into one of more relevance


  23. timble

    Where is Oireachtas Retort coming from? How does two bullying yobs make it that Labour can’t canvass in working class areas? The two of them have been waiting to deliberately target her. Self appointed champions of the working class dictating who can or can’t canvas their estate (when it looks like she had canvassed it already), shoving their cameras in people’s faces then not liking it when one is pointed at them. She was out on a canvas, moving about, didn’t see much sign of her running.
    The protestors behaviour is bullying and almost fascist in its overtones.
    Why doesn’t either of them run and see what their community actually thinks of them.

    1. Sidewinder

      Hear, hear. I get no end of pissed off at people who give out endlessly about politics and then get pissed off when it’s suggested they run for something or who give out when people join a political party. Why would FF/FG/Lab ever change if there’s nobody different in there? Labour Party members voted to support a coalition. Maybe if more decent people were members they wouldn’t have passed that vote and labour might have some credibility left.

  24. Jackdaw

    Yeah labour are traitors because they haven’t increased their dole. Get a bloody job you wasters

  25. buzzoneill

    Heres my 2 cents worth.
    As a Sinn Fein party Member and from talking to as many other members and party volunteers today these 2 9 the idiots attacking Martina) are not sinn fein members . you CAN have republican symbolism on your facebook page and NOT support the largest republican party on the island you know.
    All the Genocky family are friends of mine for a very very long time. the idiots harrasing Martina are just that. IDIOTS. Im a big fan of a thing called democracy and martina has every right to run for whoever she wants and canvess in an area she was born and raised in. Even though id be politically at odds with Martina Genockey , what these 2 gobshites did is so far off the mark its not funny.

    its easy and lazy to try and tar Sinn Fein with this one, when its got nothing to do with us whatsoever.
    Ive been told by one of her family that they belong to this group, https://twitter.com/dublinsaysno
    Anyway i have to go pick a 65 year old man up from a psni station about now.. :)

  26. Haroo

    The people in the video are not members of Sinn Fein. Mind you Ms Genockey shouldn’t need to start crying either. It doesn’t bode well for her future political career.

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