The Gang’s All Here



Mothers and Fathers Matter is a group set up to say exactly that, ‘mothers and fathers matter’. We support and promote a child’s right to a mothers and fathers wherever practicable. We believe that the Government’s new Children and Family Relationships Bill is unjust because it says mothers and fathers don’t matter to children.

Mothers and Fathers Matter includes among its members David Quinn of the Iona Institute (top), Ray Kinsella (centre), a Pro-Life activist and Professor at the Michael Smurfit Graduate School of Business UCD and Tom Finegan (bottom), one-time assistant to Senator Ronan Mullen.

The website shares the same IP address as,,, and .

All because teh gays want to adopt your children.

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54 thoughts on “The Gang’s All Here

  1. Cheech

    “…same IP address as,,, and”.

    That’s some damn fine sleuthing right there.

  2. Cool_Hand_Lucan

    On the basis that mothers and fathers matter, then logically someone doesn’t matter. Well David, please tell us, who doesn’t matter?

    1. Ahjayzis

      Anyone who isn’t a Soldier of Christ like himself. Their happiness must be crushed.

      It’s a 50’s-era Catholic world, Cool_Hand, we’re all just living in it.

    2. MC

      You because your argument has no basis in logic at all. If someone says “I matter” it does not “logically” imply that everyone else does not matter.

      1. Nigel

        ‘We believe that the Government’s new Children and Family Relationships Bill is unjust because it says mothers and fathers don’t matter to children.’

  3. Jack Aranda

    Tom – there aren’t many that can carry off a Blackshirt….but, lucky for you, right wing nut-jobs are among the select few!

  4. Sidewinder

    They should probably be mass phoning the nuns to make them hand over the details of adopted children’s parentage so.

    1. ahjayzis

      Don’t be foolish. They’re not your mammy or daddy if their copulation wasn’t sanctioned by a member of the clergy.

      Away with you!

  5. Tom Stewart

    David Quinn and his ilk like to belong to many different interchangeable groups at the same time, to make it seem like the people they represent are more numerous than they actually are.

    1. Mick Flavin

      That’s a hugely unfair thing to say.
      Irish Catholic advocacy groups have thousands of vibrant, passionate members, only around 25% of whom are David Quinn.

  6. Garsehole

    All those doctorates for a clunky-titled, crummy logo-ed and barely coherent primary-school mission statement.

  7. Inopro

    why are all of these conservative Irishmen so determined to dictate to women about their bodies. shouldnt they be busy campaigning against (inevitable) same sex marriage in Ireland? sad, regardless.

    1. Odis

      This is an entirely different group, of religious authoritarians. They are primarily concerned with the threat posed to children, who might be adopted by homosexuals.
      They are not the same group of people, who believe a womans reproductive organs, should, rightly, be a matter of interest to the state and its religious advisors.
      They are not the same group of people who campaign against the abomination of “so called” gey marriage.

      Any resemblence between the religious authoritarian, David Quinn, you see here, and the other religious authoritarian called David Quinn are purely coincidental

  8. Ms Piggy

    they have an ‘electronic postcard’ option to let you contact politicians on the issue. But the wording of the postcard is pre-set, with no possibility for the public to give their own thoughts – this seems entirely in keeping with the top-down authoritarian approach so beloved of the Iona Institute and its stable-mates. It may also be to stop people like me from using their facility to send an electronic postcard to Frances Fitzgerald telling her to ignore the likes of this shower, which was exactly what I was intending to do :-)

    1. will-billy

      haha fupps sake. i am going to send them a real fupping postcard. anyone know where I can buy one with pic of two lads going for it?

      1. scottser

        send them that vivienne westwood print with the two cowboys with almost-touching mickeys. that way it’s art :)

  9. Mick Flavin

    I presume it’s meant to be a child on his/her father’s shoulders, but the blue silhouette looks like someone in a flouncy dress with absurdly long and chunky legs.

      1. Mick Flavin

        Giants Matter is a group set up to say exactly that, “giants matter”. We support and promote a child’s right to a giant wherever practicable. We believe that the Government’s new Children and Giants Relationships Bill is unjust because it says giants don’t matter to children.

  10. Bleh

    Would You Rather wiiiith… The Iona Institute.

    “Would you rather a woman chose an abortion, OR carried a pregnancy to term and gave the child up for adoption to… The Gays?”

  11. MPTI

    Insulting them on Broadsh*t it’s a bit like writing comments about girls on the walls of the boys jacks. They won’t read them so waste your time somewhere else.

  12. Outta me Bento Box

    says a lot about the priorities of Broadsheet that there’s more editorial bile reserved for this group than for the motley crew of Fianna Failers who destroyed the country

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