Mock The Vote



Dara Ó Briain (above) urging people to register to vote and, if possible, vote ‘yes’ in next year’s marriage referendum.

Buzz writes:

First Colin Farrell’s public appeal for marriage equality in Ireland and now Dara. It’s a shame neither of them can vote here though…


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15 thoughts on “Mock The Vote

  1. HappyDub

    And rightly so Buzz! They should do what another tax exile from this country does, buy your own government.

    1. ahjayzis

      If you keep the register updated with your parents address (if that was your last address in Ireland) you can fly home for the vote. But I’d imagine it’s harder to keep updated if you have no access to your previous address for mail etc.

      Probably fraud but hey, I’m Irish.

  2. Custo

    I always get 3 polling cards to my current and 2 previous adresses.

    Can I vote three times? 3 different polling stations in 2 different areas.

      1. neil

        It’s illegal to obtain or attempt to obtain two polling cards, whether in your name or different ones, whether you’re asked for ID, whether they are in different constituencies etc.

        1. Trouble

          No its not, plenty of people are on the register twice it’s illegal to try and use more than one though

  3. Snide Commentor

    Would you really want every old school, hardcore Catholic Irish emigrant from the last 50 years voting in this?

    1. Goosey Lucy

      Or indeed the wave of youth that left Ireland recently either!!

      I mean, the point is, you either believe that residents/ all citizens should get a vote- their personal beliefs/ potential voting power shouldn’t come into it!

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