For Your Consideration: Saol Faoi Shráid



Staying in this Xmas with bored young persons about?

Read on.

Siobhan writes:

Saol Faoi Shráid is a new and original Irish language puppet series produced by Meangadh Fíbín for TG4. The series is aimed at 3-6 year olds and follows the adventures of brother and sister duo, Ribín & Glibín, aliens from the centre of the earth. When their space ship crashes, they find themselves in a new underground world where they find a new home with a group of insect characters who have formed a rock band; Cicí, Rocco & Dris….

A Special episode of “Saol Faoi Shráid” will air on Christmas Eve at 09:00 & 15:10 and again on Christmas Day @ 10:00 on TG4. And Saol Faoi Shráid will air every morning over Christmas from St. Stephen’s Day onwards at the earlier time of 08:00.

.Saol Faoi Shráid

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