If You’re Staying In Tomorrow Night


You could catch Kris Kristofferson and Sinead O’Connor on ‘Saturday Night with Miriam, the last in the series (well that flew). Above is when the pair bonded during a Bob Dylan tribute in the 90s.

The Dylan fans get moody as only people who came to hear Bob Dylan songs and instead are given a ‘spoken word’ rendition of ‘War’ by Bob Marley, can get moody. Look for Kris being very gallant and Sinead being a little troubled.

Sinead’s new musician husband, Steve Cooney, is Australian by birth and has a great mastery of his homeland’s native instruments. When he was asked to take Sinead’s hand in marriage he replied : “I didgeridoo.”

Yup. Long week.

(joke Via Shay Healy)

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