Last Night On TV3: It Wasn’t Car Crash Telly. It Was More Like This



We are viewing last night’s Tonight With Vincent Browne, presented by Daily Star editor Ger Colleran. We should have it up in a minute. But here are details of the first FOUR minutes (from Nat).

Boom!  A nightmarish start for Colleran as:
* he fails to stop his eyebrow from arching
* he pronounces “popular” as “poppolar”
* the sound of his “ballbag retreating back up inside himself is audible as he contemplates the opulent splendour of Louis Walsh’s new hair”.
* Over to Terry Prone and her trademark enunciation; each word emerges delicately from a mouth which manages to look like a “magpie’s rectum attempting to dislodge a pebble”.

More as we get it.

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