Yeah, But Seriously, Who Reads The San Francisco Chronicle?


Look. We’ve beaten the Dutch.

Top Six Most Indebted Nations In The World

1. Ireland – Debt/GDP: 997% the economy reversed course in 2009 and contracted 7%. This eroded tax revenues and sent the annual deficit to a record 14.3% of GDP. The European Union set a target for Ireland to reduce that figure to 3% by 2014, but the International Monetary Fund has indicated that the deadline will be missed. Moody’s has subsequently lowered its bond rating.

2. Netherlands – Debt/GDP: 467%

3. United Kingdom – Debt/GDP: 409%

4. Switzerland – Debt/GDP: 273%

5. Portugal – Debt/GDP: 228%

6. Austria – Debt/GDP: 214

Most Indebted Countries (And Why) (San Francisco Chronicle)

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