The Persecution Of Michael J Fingers Esq


Back from Spain. Nice colouring. Lemon hat, lemon coat; makes him see gold in the mirror.  The bit of tan. Brown pants in case anyone from RTE recognises him.

Retired on a pension pot of €27 mill after riding Irish Nationwide into the ground (requiring a €3.2 bill bailout).  Also trousered a €1 mill bonus which he promised to pay back, before he realised what “promised” meant.

You’d think that with €28 mill he’d be getting into something fancier than a weeny little Ford Focus. But it’s all about the optics, baby (see also Fitzpatrick, Sean, collected from Bray cop shop in son’s VW Golf).

You didn’t see the goat-eed one on the telly last night? Oh, you were celebrating the leaving results? You don’t know who this man is? You’re off to Canada?

Never mind, link to the realplayer vid here.

Then read this. When Fingers ruled the world.

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