Liveblog: “Do You Want Your Auld Lobby Washed Down”



It’s 1991, it’s the Late Late, it’s Gay Byrne and Brendan Shine, liveblogged!

0:04 Byrne says “Hup”
0:06 Coming into view: Shine’s mars-bar fingers darting around his 80-button strap-on
0:21 No mention yet of “Paudjeen from Tullawaudjeen”
0:23 Closer look at band members: resemble cake decorations
0:34 Closer look at Nama-bound real estate under Shine’s chin.
0:38 First sign of sweat on Shine’s brow.
0:53 Chorus. Bemused silence from audience
0:57 Byrne can’t “hear” audience
1:03 Camera pans to Peter Sutcliffe on keyboards.
1:42 Byrne gives it some ‘Andre Previn’
1:45 Elderly couple begin singing different song.
1:49 Man, seated behind elderly couple, suffers stroke.
1:59 Shine’s chunky digits dance ‘twixt the buttons
2:13 Sax player keeps his powder dry
2:28 Shine adjusts stance while repositioning his breadbasket
2:42 Sheriff of Nottingham appears in the audience
3:00 Sheriff unconcerned by man in next seat with much larger head.
3:17 Shine grimaces as track ends. Lobby washed. Job done.